The Many Different Types of Ribbon

The Many Different Types of Ribbon

Choosing between the many different types of ribbon can be daunting when you’re searching for the right one for your project. Ribbon is a beautiful tool that comes in all shapes, sizes, textures, colors, and fabrics. With so much variety, ribbon is genuinely one of the most versatile materials around. But despite the abundance of options, it can be a challenge to choose the right kind. Here are the many different types of ribbon you should know. This guide could help you decide on something for your next project.

Grosgrain Ribbon

One of the most widely used ribbon material types is grosgrain ribbon. You may know this ribbon by its distinctive ridged pattern. The angular fabric is both supple and durable, lending itself to a variety of applications. It ties nicely and provides firmness when sewing it into other fabric. Grosgrain ribbon is the essential crafting ribbon, but it is also perfect for business and marketing projects. If you’re an avid crafter, it might be helpful to learn more about grosgrain ribbon and its many possibilities.

Grosgrain ribbon is one of our specialties at Ribbon By Design, where we provide grosgrain custom printed ribbon. The unique fabric is great for our printing dye sublimation process. With both Pantone color matching and customized design, our grosgrain ribbon is perfect for high-class product packaging. You can feature your logo or business information on an elegant ribbon tied around your items, offering customers a superior packaging experience. Whether you want to improve your small business operations or bring something new to your marketing firm, grosgrain ribbon is the secret ingredient to a renewed marketing strategy.

Taffeta Ribbon

Next up is the taffeta ribbon. Textile producers typically weave this ribbon type from silk or a fabricated polyester. Taffeta will provide a smooth and crisp feel to every project in which you utilize it. This polyester ribbon is lightweight and often translucent. The plain weave of the ribbon creates this translucence, which allows for a shimmering effect. Manufacturers make taffeta ribbon with wires at the edges to provide a supple firmness that easily bends over everything from products to packaging.

Satin Ribbon

Satin ribbon is a beautiful, shiny ribbon made from satin or polyester. This option is the go-to ribbon for many projects and crafts, so a myriad of color and pattern varieties exist. Not only can you choose any of the colors on the rainbow, but you can also select between single and double-faced designs. Satin is one of the few ribbon types whose weave allows for two distinct options. The single-faced design has the characteristic shiny side with a matte finish on the back. The double-faced design offers the same polished elegance on both sides of the fabric.

Our satin ribbon selection at Ribbon By Design is both expansive and thematic. We offer unique satin fabric that is simple to tie and has a smooth finish, with printed themes and messaging. Whether you need specific patterns or seasonal designs on your ribbon, our options give you a wide array to sample. If you want to add an elegant and themed ribbon design to your next product rollout, reach out to our team for more information.

Jacquard Ribbon

Jacquard ribbon is an elegant type perfect for people looking to add extra flair to their products. The intricate patterns of the fabric are not only mesmerizing but also ingenious. The stitching method creates a unique effect where both sides of the ribbon exhibit the same design with inverted colors. Jacquard ribbon is thick and durable, and it’s the perfect option for adding a high-quality appearance to any product display. It’s also very similar to brocade ribbon.

Picot Edge Ribbon

The picot edge ribbon is precisely what it sounds like: a ribbon with special picots lining the edges. Picots are small loops of fabric that repeat up the entire length of a ribbon. These decorative loops give the appearance a unique, feathered texture. The ribbon core typically consists of satin or grosgrain, but the distinctive feature of picot edge ribbon is the loops. Its elegant details make picot edge ribbon great for products or event décor.

Twill Tape Ribbon

A fabric woven with cotton or polyester, twill tape ribbon is an underrated item that every marketing professional should have on hand. You can find this diagonally woven fabric in several shades of neutral colors. Due to their characteristic strength and support, the twill tape ribbon is a fantastic solution for binding. It may not be the flashiest option, but it adds an understated backbone to your product presentation. In fact, its subtle texturing will surely attract your customers’ gaze.

Brocade Ribbon

Brocade ribbon is similar to jacquard ribbons in that it showcases astounding attention to detail. The intricate designs of brocade ribbons feature raised floral patterns. Designers use gold and silver threads to create a contrasting color scheme. Brocade ribbon suits heavier fabrics and special décor items, making them excellent for any elaborate project or product.

Velvet Ribbon

Velvet is a classy material used in all kinds of luxury items. Whether you need velvet for your product or packaging, it is the best blend of style and distinction. Velvet ribbon is a pile fabric with a soft, plush texture. Piling is a decorative effect used to craft a raised surface. Since velvet is such an elegant fabric that comes in deep colors, it is the best ribbon for the winter season. This ribbon works well for holiday occasions or wintry displays. Velvet will level up any product you pair with it.

Burlap Ribbon

Burlap is a coarse cloth material made from jute, flax, or hemp. As you may imagine, a burlap ribbon has the same gritty, natural texture as a burlap sack. Burlap will not add an exceedingly luxurious spin to a product display, but you may not want that as a marketer. This ribbon is perfect for rustic and pastoral themes. If you do want a higher-end appearance, burlap ribbon balances well with lace or satin.

Tulle Ribbon

Tulle ribbon is a fine net fabric composed of geometric mesh. The small nylon hexagons make tulle the perfect ribbon for any ethereal and sophisticated occasions. The light, airy feel of the mesh works well in formal and informal events, from weddings to dinner parties. If you want that whimsical yet graceful appeal, try tulle ribbon for your next project.

Now that you know about the many different types of ribbon, you should look for the best ribbon for your projects. Sample a few varieties to find the perfect match and boost the appearance of your products, packaging, and events. If you need large volume orders of custom ribbon, reach out to our Ribbon By Design team. We’re here to help with all your ribbon needs.

You can also browse through our blogs to learn more about the different types of ribbon to find the most suitable choice for your next project.

The Many Different Types of Ribbon

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