Choosing The Best Ribbon for Your Project: What To Consider

Choosing The Best Ribbon for Your Project: What To Consider

Crafts are the perfect outlet for creativity and structure. While you want to let your imagination roam, the physical constraints of your materials often limit you. This is why it is crucial to find the most suitable items for the task ahead. Here is what to consider when choosing the best ribbon for your project.

Begin With the Project

Each project has different purposes and proportions that require varying materials. From the shape to the size to the texture, there are a handful of essential aspects to plan before choosing your supplies. It is beneficial to create a strategy for the entire project. Start by considering the materials needed and the scope of the task—this will help you determine the amount of each item you should find. Then, create a phase-based plan for the steps of the project. With this loose mental outline, you can picture how you’ll piece the project together, bit by bit.

In each phase, you should set out which materials you will use. It is also helpful to have a backup yard or two of ribbon in case you mess up or need to redesign partway through. A massive crafting project may feel indomitable, but you can make headway with a little bit of planning. When you begin with the project itself, it makes your ribbon selection so much easier.

Remember Your Options

When you look for ribbon, you may forget just how expansive the fabric world is. While you may resort to a wire-rimmed ribbon, there are many different kinds of ribbon you should know about. You may prefer velvet ribbon, but there are other luxurious options like satin and picot edge ribbon. Remember the vast array of fabrics out there when you choose. This even includes custom-made ribbons like ours at Ribbon By Design. If you want to add a unique flair to your project, you can add a themed design or image to your ribbon. This can make a project truly personal.

Think About Pliability

Ribbon is a type of textile that bends and folds easily, allowing people to craft it into bows or wrap it around a box. Pliability is one of the main reasons crafters love ribbon so much—it opens up a whole world of possibility! But there are several ribbon types depending on the level of pliability you want.

The thinnest ribbon types will give you flexibility but less firmness. If you want something to hang loosely, you should try satin ribbon. If you need something firmer, you should look into the pliable yet durable grosgrain ribbon. If you need ribbons that will truly hold their shape, you should find wired ribbon options that can support their own weight.

Create With Color

Color is central in every craft or project. When you first set your eyes on something, you notice its shape and hue. This means that you must put careful thought into the project’s appearance. Without due diligence, you could have clashing colors that create an undesirable contrast.

Planning is the best first step in creating with color. Take into account the wide array of hues at your disposal and search for them in your materials. If you want white glitter or golden paper, you should write it down. The same goes for your ribbon. Since ribbon is a textile, you can probably find every shade under the sun. Ribbon will bring color that genuinely pops, especially if you use it as a detail.

When you look for colors of ribbon online, be careful not to let your eyes deceive you. The translation from digital color imaging to real life can cause your fabric to appear a few shades off from what you expect. If you can, communicate with the vendor to discuss the RGB, CMYK, or PMS values to get an accurate depiction of the final product.

Delve Into Design

Ribbons don’t all have to be solid colors; there’s a whole world of possibilities with these fabrics that truly expands your crafting possibilities. Due to the wide variety, you can start by jotting down a few design ideas you would like to see on a ribbon. Whether you want patterned crosshatching or printed little ducklings, you should set your sights before diving into the ribbons.

Patterns are perfect for subtle designs where you want to add a slight detail or elegance to a larger project. You can use striped, plaid, or polka-dotted ribbons that all make a statement and add a degree of allure to your presentation.

Many ribbons also have small images on them. These go much farther than simple patterns, and it means you can add any kind of repeating image to your project. And you can also use words in the design. When you want to communicate a message or promote an idea, you can use words to convey those meanings. If you need custom fabrics, reach out to our team at Ribbon By Design to learn more about our designer ribbon that will add elegance and detail to your project.

Factor in Length

When you find ribbon you like, you must choose a length. Many ribbons will come in spools, but you can also get them by the yard. You need to factor in the amount of ribbon you will use throughout your entire project so you can order it properly. Otherwise, you could end up short on the one ribbon you need to complete the project. Measure out the dimensions for your project and anticipate the total length of ribbon. With a little bit of math, you can make the right decision and save yourself the hassle of finding the same ribbon again.

Knowing what to consider when choosing the best ribbon for your project equips even the most advanced crafter with the knowledge to make the most of their work. Though there are myriad options and many aspects to weigh, you will know when the right ribbon graces your project. If you have any questions about ribbons or need custom ribbon for your craft, check out our selection at Ribbon By Design today.

Choosing The Best Ribbon for Your Project: What To Consider

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