Types of Ribbon

The Different Types of Custom Ribbon by Ribbon by Design

Custom ribbon is great for adding a unique touch to numerous projects and applications. At Ribbon by Design, you can find two different types of ribbons for your projects: satin or grosgrain. In this comprehensive buying guide, we’ll provide you with the necessary insights to determine which kinds of ribbon are suitable for your application.

Satin Custom Ribbon

Satin custom ribbons exude a smooth, shiny, and silky surface. This delicate and lustrous material is sleek on one side, while the other side appears matte. Because of its versatility, satin is perfect for a wide range of applications, such as gift wrapping, decorating, making wedding and event embellishments, creating garment accessories, and even making award ribbons and sashes.

The reflective sheen of satin ensures your project will stand out, while its soft texture adds a touch of elegance. Its vibrant colors and high-quality finish make this material an ideal choice for those seeking to convey a sense of luxury and refinement.

Grosgrain Custom Ribbon

Renowned for their unique ribbed texture, grosgrain ribbons boast great durability and resilience. With its stiff yet flexible structure, you can use this ribbon for a variety of projects, such as crafting garment embellishments, making hair bows and accessories, scrapbooking, and creating upholstery. You can also find grosgrain ribbon in formal events, invitations, and packaging.

The ribbed texture of kind of ribbon adds an element of depth and visual interest to any project, while its durability and strength lend a sense of reliability. Its stiffness also enables it to hold its shape well, making it ideal for designers that require a more structured appearance.

Make the Right Choice for Your Project

When choosing between the different ribbon material types, consider the overall aesthetic and functional requirements of your project.

  • If you’re looking for a luxurious, sophisticated touch with a smooth and shiny finish, satin ribbons are perfect.
  • On the other hand, if your project calls for a textured, durable, and versatile ribbon that adds an element of depth and interest, grosgrain ribbons are your go-to option.

Find your perfect type of ribbon right here at Ribbons by Design! Explore our options in satin and grosgrain to make your project or application truly memorable. Contact us today with your ideas, and we’ll custom-make this ribbon for you!