Everything You Need To Know About Grosgrain Ribbon

Everything You Need To Know About Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon is one of many different styles of elegant ribbon. It has many uses, ranging from clothing to scrapbooking. Ribbon is widely popular in the crafting industry and an essential tool in your crafting supplies.

What is grosgrain ribbon? Explore the world of ribbon with us and get excited about the next craft supply that you need for any project.

What Is Grosgrain Ribbon?

Everything you need to know about grosgrain ribbon is quite simple. The literal definition of grosgrain is a heavy ribbed fabric—and that is precisely what a grosgrain ribbon is. The ribbon is a type of woven fabric that appears ribbed in texture. That’s how you can tell the difference between grosgrain and satin ribbon.

Because of the nature of the tightly woven fibers and threads, it makes the ribbon extra durable. There is a wide array of options for the ribbon’s size, color, and pattern.

How Is Grosgrain Ribbon Made?

Grosgrain ribbon is a combination of wool, silk, nylon, or mohair. The thread is the property that gives the ribbon the most durability and strength. Because of the multiple different uses of materials, this provides grosgrain ribbon a reputation for many craft uses.

This ribbon is made with a taffeta weave using a heavy weft. Taffeta weaves are explained as crisscrossing fibers; think of the under-over method. The fibers are woven together to ensure strength and stop breakage from happening. An added stiffener over the material allows for prolonged use and stability.

Currently, grosgrain ribbon is mass-produced by manufacturing companies. With the help of modern technology, the ribbon fibers are loaded onto the machine, and the robot does the rest of the work for you. This provides a smooth process and the allowance of producing more material.

What Is the History of Grosgrain Ribbon?

Grosgrain ribbon can date as far back as the 17th century. This adorable ribbon got its start from the silk trade in the 1700s. Travelers would go back and forth from Asia to Europe to pursue raw silk. These tradesmen would clean and dye the silk themselves and sell them to weavers.

Weavers would then take the silk and weave the fibers by hand to make the ribbon. Ribbon adornments on clothes were trendy for men and women in the 1700s and would remain that way until the Victorian era. Manufacturers survived in this era by diversifying the ribbon and making it more useful than just being used in clothing.

Near the ladder half of the 1700s, the industrial revolution took off. The engine loom which no longer required the ribbon to be woven by hand was introduced. Grosgrain ribbon remained popular in Europe, whereas it did not become apparent to the United States until the late 19th century.

In the earlier history of grosgrain ribbon, it was referred to as garment fabric. It wasn’t until the 1920s that it was finally defined as a ribbon. In the modern age, other types of ribbon were introduced, along with an array of designs and colors.

In general, ribbon is one of the oldest decorative materials. Its first uses were for adorning clothes with embellishments and accents. Many of these clothing items included hats, bodices of gowns, and shoes. At first, it was a sign of nobility, but quickly became popular among many different classes of people.

Where Can You Get Grosgrain Ribbon?

Ribbons by Design offers a variety of grosgrain ribbons. You can purchase anything from a custom design to different lengths and sizes. There are many printed grosgrain ribbons available at the shop, too. Our website is easy to navigate and has all your ribbon needs covered!

It is recommended that you have all your measurements and dimensions for your particular project on hand. If you are having trouble finding the measurements, we have experts available to help in that process. Our products come in spools and can be purchased at 10 or 90 yards. We highly encourage you to browse our selection and any ask questions you might have.

What Are the Uses of Grosgrain Ribbon?

As stated above, grosgrain ribbon was initially used for clothing. However, it does not stop there. Now that you know everything about the grosgrain ribbon, allow us to give you some ideas for your next project. Some people purchase the ribbon as a component of their business packaging or crafting use.


Lanyards have become increasingly popular. Many people use them to house their keys. Many people get printed lanyards customizable to their personality. This is a subtle way to show off your personal style without being in your face about it.

Hair Accessories

A brilliant way to intertwine ribbon in your life is through your hairstyles. Grosgrain ribbon has a great structure to make a bow. You could clip this bow to any hairstyle. For an added effect, try braiding a piece of flat ribbon into your hair for a bit of spark to your look.


Scrapbooking doesn’t always have to be stickers, paper, and pictures. Glue ribbon or bows to some of the pages to add some personalization to your scrapbook. Pages, where the ribbon is added, will look more eye-catching.

Book Binding

Believe it or not, grosgrain ribbon does not always have to be for craft purposes. A practical way to use the ribbon could be to enforce the binding on your books. Many books with broken spines or that need a little TLC can easily be fixed using this special ribbon in the spine.

Gift Wrap and Packaging

Adding a little bow to your package is just the touch you need for a complete gift. Grosgrain bows serve as an eye-catching statement, and they can even be reused for multiple packages or used for the hairpiece! Gift wrap has many benefits, and grosgrain ribbon is often the finishing touch. The recipient of the gift or package will be impressed with your attention to detail.

You are now an expert and have everything you need to know about grosgrain ribbon. The history of the grosgrain ribbon and its evolution is fascinating. Who knew many years ago that grosgrain ribbon would still be popular and used in various crafts. We hope this motivates you to start a project and create something with one of our beautiful grosgrain ribbons. If you have more questions or are interested in ordering custom ribboncontact us at Ribbon by Design!Everything You Need To Know About Grosgrain Ribbon

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