About Us

Specializing in the highest quality custom printed ribbon. Our dye sublimation process is washable and will not fade or peel. We proudly design and print all our ribbon in the USA.

Ribbon by Design was established in 2013 by Barbara Barr in an effort to provide high quality custom and unique stock design ribbon to small businesses. We provide custom ribbon in small quantities at reasonable prices for small shops to brand their products. A custom printed ribbon tied on your product is a way to leave a lasting impression with elegance.

Our designer Kathy Palazzo joined us in 2014. Her expertise in illustration and graphic design was honed in the social expressions industry. She gained certification in graphic design from Rhode Island School of Design in 2011 and has award winning designs that have been sold internationally. Kathy is available to consult with our clients to achieve the perfect expression for their business vision. 

Ribbon by Design has a unique ability to work directly with you to ensure the best customer service and quality product is available to you our client. You do not have to choose from what is on our shelf, rather we will bring your vision to life. Contact us during business hours at 401.335.3480 or via e-mail at info@ribbonbydesign.com