The Difference Between Grosgrain and Satin Ribbon

The Difference Between Grosgrain and Satin Ribbon

If you’re an avid party planner or DIY crafter, you know the struggle of finding that unique piece that will bring your project together. It can be frustrating until that moment of glorious revelation as it all clicks—eureka! When it comes to beautiful projects, few items are more perfect than gorgeous, patterned ribbons. Ribbons bring an elegant vibrancy to your craft. However, there are so many types of ribbon to choose from, especially when you think of all the pattern options. To get a taste of the variety in the world of ribbons, read on for what you need to know about the difference between grosgrain and satin ribbon.

What Is Grosgrain Ribbon, and How Can I Use It?

First on the table is grosgrain ribbon—a durable fabric that sports a signature ribbed texture. This ribbon is great for everything from holiday packaging to party décor. Because of the special weaving process that creates the grooved style, grosgrain ribbon is especially strong. You can iron, wash, and sew grosgrain ribbon onto other items, so it lends itself to a wide array of applications. You could use it for a simple bow or to bind a book. But you can also use it to shape cute animals such as a ribbon frog—ribb-et! You might even consider using a patterned fabric from our grosgrain nautical ribbon selection to complete the look with a frog jumping over a watery blue-patterned ribbon. Or go for a more oceanic theme altogether by creating a fish or penguin from grosgrain ribbon and supplementing it with our anchor- or crab-patterned fabric. There are endless designs to choose from!

What Is Satin Ribbon, and How Can I Use It?

Now, on to the other style at hand: satin ribbon. A silky-smooth fabric with a distinguishingly glossy finish, luxurious satin can add a soft, elegant touch to any project. Satin is great for more delicate occasions. Its exceptional surface allows all printed designs to pop out, making it a lovely option for personalized gift wrapping. You can shape satin ribbon into stylish hair bows, elegant tree skirts, and luxurious sleep masks.

One of the most fun ways to use satin ribbon is on your outfit. If you’re sewing a dress or wanting to add an elegant flair to your outfit, find a color that matches your wardrobe, and fashion some satin ribbon into a waist wraparound or a cute belt. Consider forming a rose out of the remaining fabric and sewing it to the front or side of your sash. You can even add a satin sash to formal attire with some of our luxurious wedding ribbons. With so many applications for satin, it’s hard to choose just one project!

Whether you’re looking for a ribbon that will spice up a home craft or a birthday party, keep the differences between grosgrain and satin ribbon in mind. Though they’re equally great options, select the pattern and color that works for you. If you have any questions about our printed grosgrain or satin ribbons, contact us here at Ribbon by Design today!

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