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Designed and Printed in the USA

100% of our designs are made here. All stock ribbons are proprietary designs. Order your idea on Custom Ribbon or chat with us or send an email to info@RibbonByDesign.com

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Try the sample Ribbon you received and Let us Know How You like it. Stock Ribbon has a quick turn time so we can generally get it to you within 2-5 business days.

Ribbon Information

Make Every Product an Advertisement for Your Business with Logo Ribbon

  o Ask us to help you design some fantastic ribbon using your business logo.
o After we print your very own ribbon, you’ll use it to wrap your products.
o Your customers will buy your treats and take them away with an advertisement for your business on every single one.
o When given as gifts, boxes wrapped with your logo ribbon will tell the recipient they are getting something very special, and where to get more.

Stand Out At Events by Using Logo Ribbons

o When your customers buy your products and serve them at events, do the guests know who provided them?
o Tying product boxes or presentation trays with logo ribbon will put your name front and center at the event.
o If the products will be removed and displayed, decorate the candy table or serving trays with your logo ribbon, and everyone who enjoys your treats will know where they can go to get more. It’s like presenting a classy business card.

Increase Impulse Purchases by Linking Your Products to Holidays and Seasons

o You’re probably selling some products that use shapes, icing, colors or designs that link them to the current holiday or season.
o By using our themed ribbon to wrap standard products, you can get the same tie-in and impulse purchasing effect for all your products.
o We can even drop your logo into our seasonal ribbon, giving you all the benefits of both a themed tie-in and an advertising follow-through.

Stand Out from the Competition by Offering Personalized Ribbon

o Personalized ribbon is all about putting someone’s name in the spotlight.
o The biggest milestones of life are often marked with parties, which call for gifts, desserts, favors and treats.
o Your products are terrific, but if you are competing with other shops for event business, you are looking for ways to make your proposal stand out.
o Offer to wrap your goodies with personalized ribbon for the party, and the host will be sure that the honored guest’s name will be front and center.

Increase Your Profits in Either of Two Ways by Using Personalized Ribbon 

  • Set your own charge for the personalized ribbon and make it an extra source of profit for your business. 

  • Or you can send your customer to us and let them do their own wrapping, which reduces your investment of time in the project and eliminates the need to use your wrapping supplies. This is especially great for large events! 

  • Brides and their maids often enjoy this type of wrapping project as a relationship-building exercise in the weeks leading up to the wedding. 

Offer Your Products as Promotional Items. 

  • Promotional products are a multi-billion dollar business focused on give-away products bearing a company’s name (think tee shirts, pens, and gift bags). 
  • Food items are a favorite category for corporate gifting, and being able to put your customer’s brand on your product is a compelling feature. 
  • Tying gift baskets with ribbon using your customer’s name and logo would ensure that the recipient will know who sent it without looking at the card. 
  • Grand openings, fund raising galas, golf tournaments, 5k road races, and festivals are all served by the promotional products industry and would be great opportunities for your food products wrapped with logo ribbon! 
  • Don’t forget gifts! We’ve supplied lots of ribbon for realtors, bankers, and other service providers who wanted their recipients to remember who sent the gift! 

Save Decorating Time on Products Being Used for Events 

  • When you do land that big event, do you dread the painstaking process of applying exactly the same intricate design to hundreds of edible treats? 
  • Instead, try a simpler design that’s faster to execute and wrap them with custom ribbon to support the theme with coordinating words, colors, and designs. 
  • Time is money! Ribbon is quick, and it delivers the client’s message clearly and in “Technicolor”. 

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