FAQ Personalized and Custom Ribbon

When I am ready to place an order for personalized ribbon from Ribbon by Design, how do I begin the process?

When you are ready to place your order for personalized satin or grosgrain ribbon from ribbonbydesign.com, send us a high resolution art file of your image at art@ribbonbydesign.com. Our design department will email you with a digital image of your logo as it would appear on your selected ribbon width. Once you receive the sample artwork, simply email us back with your approval or any changes you may need and we will proceed to production. We will start production only when you have given us your full approval for the art.

Is there a minimum quantity when I order personalized or custom ribbon from Ribbon by Design?

Unlike all other printing companies, here at Ribbon by Design we do not require you to buy large quantities when ordering personalized or custom ribbon. Our minimum order requirement is just one 90 yard spool of custom designed ribbon for you to be able to try out our ribbon without the commitment of a large quantity order. 

Are there any additional fees for plates and set ups when ordering custom ribbon from Ribbon by Design?

All plate and set up charges are waived for our custom orders. We are able to do this as all our ribbon is designed and printed by us in our own facility here in Rhode Island.

Can I request a sample of my custom ribbon prior to ordering 90 yards or more?

Yes we do provide professional samples of your ribbon prior to a full production run at a cost of $20.00 per design. This fee is refundable on orders of 500 yards or greater

What are the limitations on what I can have printed on custom ribbon?

 Let us know what you want printed on your personalized ribbon and we will be happy to work with you on any design you would like. We do not own the printing rights to any licensed characters or products. We are not able to print Disney characters, Marvel characters, Muppets or any other brand that is owned by another company or institution. Should you the customer own the rights to print these kinds of images, we are happy to print the images on ribbon for you if you submit a copy of your right to print such an image.

I would like to print a ribbon with a blank bow and script on the tails. Is it possible to print a ribbon this way?

We do offer "bow style" printing with characters appearing on the tails of a bow. These are most commonly used for wedding favors and other events. We are happy to consult with you to create this ribbon to your specifications. Contact us at info@ribbonbydesign.com if you are looking for this type of custom order. 

Can I have any custom logos/illustrations printed when I order personalized ribbon from Ribbon by Design?

Yes you can! E-mail your custom art work to us at art@ribbonbydesign.com and we will be happy to work with you for the best ribbon design for your images. We can work with multiple colors and color gradients using our state of the art printing machines.

What is the standard repeat you use for printing, and can you print a repeat that is not standard?

Our standard repeat length is 15" as this is the industry standard for printing ribbon and lanyards. We can print any repeat of 15" or a multiple of 15 in a standard run.  It takes approximately 3 hours to run the print paper for each job. Print paper is very expensive. We like to make our machine time, labor and materials to work as efficiently as possible. We are able to print up to 15 jobs at the same time if the repeats are the same. Keeping our print machines at full capacity is much more cost effective for us and our customers. We can run a job at any repeat if we have an order of 1,000 yards or greater. This way the machine is running at full capacity on a single job. 

Alternatively, we can run a single small job at any repeat length as long as the customer is willing to absorb the cost of the machine time that is lost on the job. My printer charges me a $100.00 fee when I request this service. Naturally, I need to pass this cost on to the client.

Can I use any font style I wish for the text on my personalized ribbon from Ribbon by Design?

You are not limited to the fonts that we offer on our site. Simply let us know the name of the font you would want your artwork printed in and use that font. 

Do you provide cutting services should I want my ribbons pre-cut?

Yes, we do provide cutting services at an additional cost of $0.05 per cut.

Does the ink smudge or peel on custom ribbon from Ribbon by Design?

All the ribbon printed at Ribbon by Design is guaranteed to not peel or smudge. We use only the highest quality inks and transfer processing. Our ribbon is fully washable and will never fade. 

How long does it take to complete a custom ribbon order from Ribbon by Design?

We require 7-10 business days to complete an order. Should you need your product faster than this we do have a rush option at $60 per order. 

Can I change or alter my custom order?

Once you approve your artwork and pay for your order, we are unable to make changes to the art or print process.

General FAQ

Are your ribbons machine washable?

Yes, our ribbons are printed using permanent dyes that are absorbed into our fully washable polyester satin and grosgrain ribbons. Ironing the ribbons will not disturb the print.

Do you offer shiny metallic foiling or hot stamping?

We only print using dye sublimation technology. This technology does not offer metallic inks and we do not have the capability to offer foiling or hot stamping on ribbon.

Is my credit card information secure?

We never save customer credit card numbers on our website. Should you want us to keep your credit card on file, we do so manually and ask your permission to process your card each time you re-order with us.

Can I order by phone?

Yes, we are happy to take your order over the phone. Feel free to call us during business hours at 401-335-3480

Do you ship internationally?

We ship internationally to any location as long as the customer assumes all responsibility for the cost of shipping and customs regulations their countries. Please e-mail us prior to ordering so that we may accurately calculate these costs.

Is there an advantage to creating an account at check out?

When you create an account you will receive e-mail notifications of upcoming sales and coupon codes for discounts.