What To Do With Leftover Ribbon

What To Do With Leftover Ribbon

Ribbons are useful for a series of different projects, crafts, and DIY endeavors. They’re one of the most versatile craft materials on the market. However, once you’re on your last few strands, it’s common to feel like your options for future tasks are a bit limited. Fortunately, even the smallest of scraps can be put to good use with a little imagination and creativity. So, don’t be in a rush to throw them out just yet. Read on to learn what to do with leftover ribbons and get some inspiration for using them up.

Flowing Accent Pieces

Are you looking to add an extra touch of flair to certain centerpieces, but aren’t sure how? Scrap ribbon might just be your answer. Even the smallest sections of ribbon can add a notable pop of color and texture to anything sitting around your home. As such, they offer a great way to class things up before a dinner party or to make a gift stand out. Here are a few possibilities:

Gift Baskets

Customizing a gift basket is one of the most effective ways to make a person feel special. Better yet, you can do it without buying more materials. Simply tying a collection of bows around the container, or embellishing it with small ribbon flowers, can have a large impact on how the gift is perceived by the recipient.


You can also increase the elegance of your silverware by wrapping them in small bits of ribbon. Though the cool metallic shine of dinner utensils always evokes a sense of class and sophistication, they don’t always compliment a party’s theme. This is where ribbon can help. By adding this simple splash of color, you can quickly set the stage for any type of gathering.

Wine Glasses

The same works with wine glasses. Wrapping their stems with sections of multi-colored ribbon can suit a series of different aesthetics. You can even use specialized designs such as floral or nautical ribbons to cater to more unique event themes. The choice is entirely up to you.

DIY Home Décor

Another thing you can do with leftover ribbons is create your own customized pieces of home décor. We all have an empty section of wall that desperately needs color or an item that’s woefully lacking in charm. Well, scrap ribbon can help in these cases if you have a vision in mind!

Ribbon Wall Hanging

If you’re interested in learning how to weave, ribbon wall hangings are the perfect place to start. These tapestries consist of several interlocked strands of material with similar color schemes. Depending on how you approach it, these crafts can be classy, elegant, rustic, or even ethereal. Best of all, with the freedom to choose whatever hues you want, the finished product will be a perfect fit for your existing home aesthetic.

Ribbon Tassel Banners

Are you looking to fill a bit more space? Tassel banners are a great option. By binding several lengths of ribbon together at one end, you can create a series of tassels that make for a great backdrop. You can use them as decoration for a party, or even as a permanent part of your home’s design. They can work with several different home designs.

Ribbon-Wrapped Vase

For boring items that could use an upgrade—such as a plain glass vase, for instance—ribbon is useful here as well. Wrapping the base of the item in several types of ribbon gives it more depth and texture. It could suit the rest of your décor or even become a focal point in the room. Plus, it allows you to better complement the color scheme of the flowers you place inside of it.

Colorful Crafts and Accessories

If all else fails, getting crafty can work to your advantage. Plenty of small accessories or knick-knacks can include ribbon, and there are ample opportunities to get creative and have some fun. Many of these projects find new and exciting ways to use these materials too—making them that much more special to those who receive them. Here are some popular ideas to get you started.

Ribbon Tassel Keychains

Just like with ribbon tassel banners, keychains made from ribbon allow you to use up several different strands of ribbon while producing something unique. Tassels can add a bit of flair to any purse or backpack—their bright hues can even make it easier to find your keys in your bag. So, whether you make one, or a bunch in order to give them away, they’re full of charm and a great way to use up your scraps.

Hair Bows

For those looking to accessorize, consider making some hair bows. Hair bows consist of a plain hair clip and a single strand of a bow on top; they’re very easy to make. Best of all, you can make these pins as large or small as you want, so they’ll work with any type, texture, or size of ribbon.

Textile Bracelets

Ribbon bracelets are another good way to express your creativity. By binding several strips of ribbon tightly together into a ring and accenting them with different charms, you can make these bracelets as intricate or simple as you’d like. The coiled texture of the ribbon also gives these bracelets a depth that adds to your outfit as a whole. They may even be the next popular fashion statement.

So, as you can see, you can create or decorate a shocking number of things with small sections of ribbon. As such, whether you’re looking to start a new project or add to an existing piece, using up ribbon scraps first can be a great way to ensure nothing goes to waste. If you need more, or simply want to brainstorm a few new ideas, reach out to Ribbon by Design. Our team specializes in the creation of custom ribbons, and we carry a series of other gorgeous styles for you to choose from. As such, we’re confident we can supply you with whatever you need to keep crafting.

What To Do With Leftover Ribbon

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