What Information Should Be on the Inside of Clothing Labels?

What Information Should Be on the Inside of Clothing Labels?

If you are building a brand for a new business that specializes in apparel, you must understand what information should be on the inside of clothing labels. The US requires garment labeling so that customers can understand what went into making the product and how to maintain the product’s longevity. The following rules and regulations are what you must follow to preserve your clothing business in the United States.

Origin Country

To avoid misleading a customer about where you manufactured the garment, you must include the clothing item’s country of origin. It can be very misleading if someone is looking for a product made in the US, but you produce your unlabeled garment in China. Remember, if you make the clothing in the US but import materials, your label needs to read, “Made in the USA of Imported Materials.”

Manufacturer or Brand Identity

The tag on the apparel must have your brand name or the manufacturer’s name clearly visible. This will act as a marketing technique to advertise your brand and establish an identity in the market. Aside from marketing, your registered identification number, a requirement for all textiles made in the US, will also appear on the label so that stores can easily identify your brand.

Fibrous Material Percentages

The types of materials you allow in your clothing could sway the customer from one product to another. Some customers find certain materials like nylon and polyester irritating. Non-fibrous material does not need to be on the list, but you should list the other components by percentage. In addition, label the materials under their generic names and not their trade names to ensure customers can understand.

Care and Wash Instructions

Customers have to handle and wash every garment differently, or they risk ruining the product, so you must include care instructions. Depending on the materials used, your list of instructions could be longer or shorter—consider using custom fabric tags for a more customizable, permanent label. Ensure that the clothing labels with this information inside you fasten to garments will not come off through simple wear and tear or during the cleaning cycle.

To uphold the quality and integrity of your clothing brand, you must comply with the rules and regulations of the United States. Ensure that every piece of information on the tag is clear and legible. Tags need to be able to last as long as the clothing item itself.

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