Ways To Feature Ribbon in Packaging

Ways To Feature Ribbon in Packaging

If you wrap, pack, or ship your products to your customers, there is a simple and easy way to spice up your packaging—ribbon! Here are a few ways to feature ribbon in packaging no matter what product you sell.

Go Traditional With a Bow

When wrapping an item as a gift in-store, many businesses include an exterior ribbon around the wrapping paper. If you are using a customized ribbon, you can wrap your products in a ribbon that displays seasonal greetings, themed images, or even your company logo. When using ribbon in this way, one of the easiest and most efficient ways to shape it is with a bow. This will make it simpler for your customer to remove when opening the gift wrapping, and it will maximize surface area to display your store’s brand on the ribbon.

Tape It To the Box

If you are sending your product to a customer through the mail, you can still feature ribbon in your packaging design. When you get your box, pack your product inside and fold the flaps in as if you were about to tape it shut. Then, cut a length of ribbon and place it over a seam or in a place of prominence on the exterior packaging. Ribbon with your company’s logo or a colorful design can act as a fun stamp on your box. It will add flavor and draw attention to the entire package.

Use It Within Your Product Package

Some businesses send their products in small packaging within the exterior box. This type of product package is another great place to feature a fun ribbon. You can add designer ribbon to a box of chocolates or wrap it around a bottle of wine. If you use a see-through box for your products, a ribbon will add an especially nice color and texture to the overall appearance. Regardless of how you present it, the ribbon will show a decorative flair that will be sure to impress customers when they open your box.

With these ways to feature ribbon in packaging, you can start adding creative ribbon to your business’ products. If you are looking for custom or themed ribbon, contact us here at Ribbon by Design today.

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