Unique Birthday Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Unique Birthday Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Birthdays come around only once a year, and they’re all about celebrating one person’s life. You may ask the birthday person how they’d like to spend their day, but you get to surprise them when it comes to the gifts. Here are a few unique birthday gift-wrapping ideas.

Budding Bouquets

Flowers are one of the quintessential celebratory gifts. Few things can show your love and care for another person more than a beautiful bouquet. Make your gift doubly meaningful by attaching these stems to your gift itself. Wrap your gift in a box with a neutral color—this helps the colorful flowers stand out. Then, tie the bouquet’s stems to the box with a piece of ribbon, like our confetti ribbon at Ribbon By Design. Be sure to add the flowers the day you give your gift; otherwise, they may wither and dry before you deliver the package.

Color-Me Box

Wrapping paper comes in all colors and patterns, but have you considered enclosing your gift in a blank box? Give your artsy friend or child a color-me box that allows all their creativity to flow out. Though you have a gift underneath, you essentially gift them a blank canvas in addition to the main gift. Attach a handful of crayons to the box with some of our birthday candles ribbon. Though your child may be too excited to color at first, they sure will enjoy it after opening the gift!

Map To Happiness

How many of you have old maps that you don’t use anymore? Instead of throwing them out, use these delicate and patterned papers to wrap birthday gifts! Pull out your maps and cut them to size. Wrap your gift up nicely, then tie everything up with a neat birthday ribbon.

There are so many unique birthday gift-wrapping ideas, but what matters most is the sentiment behind them. If you need ribbon for any occasion or custom-printed ribbon, reach out to our Ribbon By Design team today!

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