Top Ways To Use Ribbon in Your Wedding Decor

Top Ways To Use Ribbon in Your Wedding Decor

Weddings are ceremonious times of beautiful brilliance and abiding compassion. However, the array of virtue, emotion, and sentiment is not the only heart-warming aspect of the occasion. There are also glamor and fun, a time of thoroughly enjoyed celebration! And it is this celebratory glitziness that requires accompanying decoration. Out of all the fabrics and adornments, ribbon is the most versatile and elegant to include in your wedding. Here are the top ways to use ribbon in your wedding décor.

Bouquet Ribbon Wrap

Ribbon is the perfect functional and festive adornment for flowers and bouquets. Because you can tie a ribbon around flower stems and vases, it serves both a decorative and practical purpose that few other items can manage. Look for wedding ribbons like ours at Ribbon By Design that is similar to your selected themes, colors, and patterns. You can tie this ribbon around all your flowers! Depending on the size and budget of your wedding, you could have dozens of bouquets and flower arrangements to decorate, so find a few variations that suit your needs.

Ceremony Décor

The ceremony itself is a relatively solemn and resolute event that cements a bond between two people. Regardless of your beliefs, traditions, or worldview, your ceremony ought to have some level of dignifying and transcendent decoration to adorn the newlywed couple. Find places to incorporate ribbon into your ceremony décor. For example, if your venue is by the ocean or a seaside locale, tie nautical ribbon between the seats to create a wavelike effect with the rows.

Table Settings

The table is the centerpiece of your wedding reception and the aspect of your event that each guest will engage the longest. Everyone will sit at their tables for meals or drinks, so prepare a beautiful spread for them to enjoy. Find ways to incorporate ribbon into your candles and table flora, tying it around whatever needs a bit of extra flair. You can also wrap your place settings in ribbon, creating elegant stationery for guests to unwrap.

Ribbon Chair Decoration

You spend lots of time and creative energy beautifying the table itself but may forget to decorate the chairs. Depending on how you find the chairs, you could have a limited selection. Perhaps you chose the wedding chairs for your ceremony and reception, but they don’t fit into your arrangement when you see them in person. Add some color and theme-related ribbon to tie everything together—literally!

Use these top ways to use ribbon in your wedding décor as you get ready for the big day. Whether you are decorating for your wedding, your friend’s, or your child’s, make sure you tie everything together with the right ribbon. If you have any questions about wedding ribbon or customizable ribbon, reach out to our team at Ribbon By Design today!

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