Top Tips for Designing a Memorable Custom Fabric Label

Top Tips for Designing a Memorable Custom Fabric Label

Tags are essential in clothing because they hold a lot of information for the customer. From the size of the garment to washing instructions to your brand’s name, labels are necessary when selling your clothing. Because the fabric label is important, designing a memorable and custom tag that suits your brand and the clothing item is crucial. Impress your customers with our design tips.

Find a Suitable Fold Style

Not all woven fabric labels are the same. Some are entirely sewn into the material, some get folded to create a tiny loop, and some feature multiple layers. While it doesn’t matter, per se, what label fold you choose, it will affect how much information you can print on the tag and where you place the text. Choose this first so the rest of your design process goes smoothly.

Consider the Size

You should never guess at what size your fabric tags need to be. The space available on each clothing item can vary depending on the garment. For example, your crew neck T-shirt might have room for a more prominent label, but your cropped tank top will have less available space. Before you bulk order your tags, cut out a piece of paper roughly the same size as the tag, so you can visualize if it will work for your clothes.

Design With Contrasting Colors

Because woven fabric labels are small, you will need to use contrasting colors so that it’s easier to read for customers. For instance, yellow wording on a white background will strain the eyes, but black will make the text and font stand out. While you should use at least two colors (one for the text and one for the background), don’t use more than three because your label will look too busy.

Keep the Design Simple

Remember to keep your design as simple as you can. In the end, labels are for information, not expression. Plus, nobody will see the tag once the customer wears the garment. Keep it simple, so all the information is simple to understand and easy on the eyes. However, to create memorable and custom fabric label design, don’t forget to include your brand name, or customers won’t remember where the clothing came from!

If you have a creative block, take a look at the clothes in your closet for inspiration. Tags and labels are an essential step when designing clothes. Don’t forget this before putting your garments up for sale!

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