Top Ribbon Embroidery Tips for Beginners

Top Ribbon Embroidery Tips for Beginners

Embroidery is a unique form of art that typically uses thread and a needle to create a pattern on a piece of fabric. Many people are stepping up their craft and learning to incorporate ribbon into their materials for a more luxurious design. If you’re a beginner at using this ribbon to embroider, follow along for our best tips.

Use Ribbon With Natural Fibers First

If this is your first time attempting this embroidery technique, choose a material from a ribbon wholesale supplier made from natural fibers. Synthetic material is harder to work with and might not be the right choice because it is more difficult to pull through the fabric you’re working on. Natural fibers are easier to manipulate and maneuver into the correct position when threading them.

Don’t Jump From Section to Section

This tip is more important for larger projects than small-scale ones. Do not skip around sections when you are embroidering. Otherwise, you’re creating knots and an unattractive appearance on the back of the pattern. Ribbon is much bulkier than thread, so jumping from section to section will cause a buildup of unwanted material.

Keep the Ribbon Taught

An art piece can quickly go astray if you are not paying close attention to the rhythm and placement of the ribbon. You could be ruining your design if you are not holding the material taught while weaving the needle in and out of the fabric. Avoid ends poking out or loops sticking up by making a conscious effort to keep the ribbon taught the entire time.

Beware of How You Twist the Ribbon

Unlike thread, ribbon is flat and has two distinct sides—this means the way you place the material and line will change the look and appearance of the fabric. It will be less straightforward than thread, so you must pay attention to how you manipulate the ribbon. Twisting can be intentional, but if you’re a beginner at embroidering with ribbon, you’re most likely doing this accidentally.

Elevate your embroidery skills and incorporate different materials into your fabric. You may discover your new favorite technique. How will you plan your next project, and what type of ribbon will you use?

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