Top 3 DIY Ideas for Showing School Spirit

Top 3 DIY Ideas for Showing School Spirit

Imagine it’s homecoming week at school—everyone is dressed up, banners are hanging everywhere, the school’s colors are on full display, and the energy in the atmosphere is contagious. Recreate that feeling you get during homecoming throughout the year by using our DIY ideas for showing school spirit. Whether you’re a teacher or a student, support your school this year by getting festive.

Paint Your Car Windows

Turn your car into a mobile billboard with car paint in your school’s colors. This is fun for the individuals who don’t necessarily want to go over the top with their outfits or accessories—painting your car is a great way to show support because you’re driving it to places other than the school and showing off your impeccable school spirit. Get crafty by painting the school mascot or words to a cheer on your car’s back windows.

Wear an Entire Festive Outfit on Game Days

The best time to show your school spirit is game days. Boost the energy at the next sporting event by dressing up in an utterly festive outfit. Consider using back-to-school ribbon to tie up your hair or embroider a shirt. Don’t be afraid to get quirky with this outfit! The point of showing school spirit is to have fun with it and be your authentic self. Think mismatched socks, face paint, custom shirts, and more!

Make Custom Noise Makers

A simple yet fun DIY idea for showing school spirit is to create custom noisemakers you can use at events and sports games. Gather an old plastic water bottle, beads in the school’s colors, and other decorating materials to craft your own noise maker to shake around. Pour the beads into the bottle, decorate it, and voila! You have the perfect accessory for cheering on your school at its next event.

Just like a homecoming, school spirit year-round is contagious. If you start supporting your school more, others will likely follow suit. Create a welcoming and supportive environment with the above ideas. What will you do to show your school spirit this year?

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