Tips for Using Custom Logo Ribbons at Promotional Events

Tips for Using Custom Logo Ribbons at Promotional Events

Does your business attend lots of events to promote your products or services? If you do participate in promotional events, consider these tips for using custom logo ribbons to market your company. This technique for marketing adds a unique way to advertise your business. Having custom logo ribbons at your next event will help you attract more customers to your table.

Ensure the Ribbons Are Visible

When you’re placing this ribbon on an item you intend to give away at the event, ensure the ribbon is visible. This will allow the guest or customer to easily identify precisely whom the merchandise came from. The point of this ribbon is to put your name on various products; if it’s not visible, there’s no point in using it.

Don’t Overuse the Ribbon

It can become redundant if you overuse the ribbon on anything and everything. If your logo or mission statement is already on a pen, then you likely don’t need to add this ribbon as an embellishment. Plus, you’ll only have a limited amount of this wholesale printed ribbon, so you must conserve it to ensure you have enough for all of your products or to last many events.

Product Examples

Using custom logo ribbons at a promotional event is a great way to subtly add your business name to products for marketing purposes. If you have multiple employees at this event, spruce up their name tags by adding a piece of ribbon with the company logo on it. This will alert clients that those specific people at that event are representing your business. When your products are more for children, consider having balloons tied with the ribbon to hand to the kids at the event. Use your imagination; you can add these ribbons to just about anything.

Adding custom ribbons to your table and products at a promotional event is a unique way to advertise your business. This technique isn’t that common, but it adds a subtlety to your products that isn’t overly obnoxious. Consider purchasing high-quality custom ribbons from Ribbon by Design to get the perfect one for promoting your company.

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