Tips for Designing Custom-Printed Ribbons

Tips for Designing Custom-Printed Ribbons

Custom ribbon is an essential marketing strategy for any business looking to separate itself from the competition. However, the challenge comes in crafting the perfect design for your branding. Here are the top tips for designing custom-printed ribbons.

Consider the Medium

Though ribbons are quite versatile, you must remember the physical confines of working with such a long and thin material. When you craft a design for printing, try making designs that work horizontally. There are limitless possibilities in terms of detail and creativity within the boundaries of the fabric strips.

Use Vector Designs

When you create any computerized design, you must account for the kind of software and file you use. If you send a design as a PDF from a word processor, you'll have trouble converting it to the ribbon. Instead, utilize illustration software that works in vectors. These scalable elements are easy to manipulate and shape to the ribbon's size and will give you much more favorable results.

Manage Expectations

If you have a tall, detailed logo, it will be challenging to convert it to a vertically shorter ribbon. Consider stripping your design down to the basics. You can focus on the name of your business or the specific product you are promoting. Instead of forcing a problematic image, create a new one that will encapsulate your operation's essence.

Understand the Process

Custom-printed ribbon like the ones we offer at Ribbon By Design is a creative and scientific process. We begin with the design, then use a dye-sublimation printer to copy it onto a special transfer paper. With the dye-sublimation ink ready, we use a high-temperature heat press to sublimate the colorful design onto the ribbon with perfect accuracy. The results are beautiful, custom ribbons that are fully washable and will not fade over time.

Request Design Services

If you don't have the time to create a new design for your ribbons, don’t worry! Our team at Ribbon By Design knows the marketing and logo design business well. We offer design services to create the image you want to print onto the fabric.

Utilize these tips for designing custom printed ribbons as you plan your strategy. With the right combination of color, detail, and personality, you can represent your business through a beautiful and stylish custom ribbon. Reach out to us online or give us a call to find the perfect solution for your business.

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