Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree with Ribbon

Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree with Ribbon

Your home is an extension of your festive fervor. With the holidays coming up quickly, you are likely to consider putting up seasonal décor sooner than later. Whether you wait until after Thanksgiving or you put up Christmas decorations when the radio stations begin playing the holiday classics, you must try these tips for decorating a Christmas tree with ribbon!

Select a Color Theme

The Christmas tree is an infamous symbol of the holiday season, but everyone does their own a smidge differently. You can decorate with old childhood ornaments, string popcorn or tinsel around the branches, or craft a trendy magazine-cover-worthy arrangement—they all represent how you celebrate the holidays. But each style comes with a specific color palette which you ought to decide before putting the first strand of lights on your tree.

For example, winter ribbon, like ours here at Ribbon by Design, comes in all the wintry shades! You can select from boisterous blues and deep reds to crystal whites and sophisticated greens. Before you begin your tree, you must select a ribbon color theme.

Consider Special Meanings

The holidays are full of special significance, and the Christmas tree is one of the places you physically represent them. Think through your various holiday traditions and consider how to make the tree signify your favorite sentiments. For example, if you cherish gingerbread-making traditions, tie in some gingerbread ribbon to bring the themes together! Or, if you have children whose birthdays occur during the holidays and they often feel overlooked, consider sprinkling some birthday ribbon into the tree this year.

Put It All Together

Once you have coordinated your colors and sentiments, it is time to adorn your tree with the special ribbon! Instead of starting with the lights or tinsel, you should begin decorating your tree with the ribbon. Since all the other items simply hang on the tree, you will need more space to lay and tie ribbon throughout. Cut your ribbon into lengths measuring about three to four feet. However, be sure to cut as you go instead of all at once. Various parts of the tree can be longer or barer and may require more ribbon.

Use these tips for decorating a Christmas tree with ribbon as you prepare for this season of festivities. If you have any questions about ribbon décor or our Christmas ribbon, reach out to Ribbon by Design today!

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