The Value of High Resolution Art Files

The Value of High Resolution Art Files

At Ribbon by Design we are always so excited to see art transferred to ribbon. It is a joy for us to take a logo, custom art work or our own art and see it transformed into beautiful ribbon.

Our process always begins with the art files provided to us by our clients. The quality of these files will translate into the clarity and crispness of the image that is printed on our ribbon. The best files for the highest quality print is a high resolution art file. A high resolution art file can be enlarged or reduced without changing the clarity of the image. Thus, creating for you the consumer the flexibility to use these files for stationery, business cards, banners, advertising print and fabric print.

We have used many files from Pretty Sweet Designs with great success. Elizabeth’s files are always of high resolution quality making our job easy and streamlined. These ribbons were created with her art files with very little adjustments made to the art work. This saves us, the printer a great deal of time and the end user money.

These ribbons were all created with Pretty Sweet Designs files. They have multiple colors and elements that were easy to make into ribbon due to the quality of the files we received. These files give our clients a great deal of flexibility in ribbon design as the files were perfectly suited to our design process.

This image demonstrates the transformation of a low quality image to an image we were able to use in our process.

When we receive low resolution files ( eg. pngs, jpegs and PDF’s), our graphic design department spends a great deal of time re-creating these files to suit our needs. Although we do offer one hour of free design time with each custom order, a low resolution file can take up to 10 hours of our time to re-created. Our graphic design time is billed at $60 per hour. This low resolution file can end up costing the consumer more than the cost of a good design up front.

We highly recommend investing in a great design and high quality art files that will provide the quality of the image you are seeking while saving time and money in the long run!

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