The Full Guide To Using Custom Ribbon at Your Baby Shower

The Full Guide To Using Custom Ribbon at Your Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower is very exciting; there are endless amounts of possibilities, from gifts to treats to décor. Baby showers mark a notable turning point in a woman’s life and call for a cause of celebration no matter what part of the world you reside in. The festivities are joyful to partake in, and everyone leaves with a smile.

The process of making a baby shower happen might not be as joyful and could be quite stressful. Use this full guide to using custom ribbon at your baby shower for fresh ideas for the perfect, well-rounded shower. Before creating party favors with ribbon, it’s essential to have a theme in mind.

Theme Ideas

The easiest way to make everything in the baby shower cohesive is to stick to the same themes. Whether you want something minimalistic or extravagant, the options are boundless. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

  • Woodland
  • Honeybee
  • Teddy Bear
  • Cowboy
  • Lady Bug
  • Safari
  • Bunny
  • Rubber Ducky

Many baby shower party-throwers decide the theme based on the nursery. This way, you can reuse the décor you make for the shower and turn it into nursery room décor! Often, themes also coincide with what gender the baby will be or what season the baby will be born in.


The best part of creating any baby shower is decorating. Guests enjoy themselves more when there is elegant décor surrounding them. We’ve provided you with a few décor ideas to fit into any theme listed above.

Balloons With Bows

Balloons are what you usually think of when someone says “party.” Put a twist on plain balloons with ribbon bows. Bows can attach anywhere on the balloon with a little bit of tape. Organza ribbon is a safe option when creating custom bows.

Photo Backdrop

Something that is becoming mainstream is photo backdrops. Having one at a party or event screams, “Take a picture with me!” Guests will flock near it, ready for their take at your baby shower photo drop. You’ll leave the shower with perfectly staged pictures and endless memories. Incorporate ribbon into your backdrop by creating dainty flowers, fringe sides, or borders.

Streamers Galore

Make the room look extra festive with streamers. Fasten long satin ribbon to any doorframe for a fun entrance. The younger guests will get a kick out of walking through the fancy doorway.

Bunting Welcome Banner

Larger ribbon spools can be cut into triangular shapes and hung on a string for a welcome sign. A bunting sign creates a welcoming atmosphere and style over the gift table or entrances. You don’t have to stop at a welcome sign; create other signs to hang over tables and doors.

Wishes for Mom and Baby Garland

Choose a ribbon that is shorter in width and tack it to a wall. Attach sheets of paper cut out in shapes that match your theme and leave writing utensils nearby. Guests can leave personalized messages for mom and baby that they can keep forever.

Table Center Pieces

Assuming multiple guests received invites, you’ll need eye-catching table décor. These centerpieces really tie everything together and alert guests what tables are for what. Depending on the baby shower theme, reuse centerpieces to get the most out of your money for various occasions.

Ribbon Flower Bouquets

Twirl decadent satin ribbon into the shape of roses for a sophisticated feel to the party. These flowers will never go bad, and guests can take a flower home for a keepsake of the day.

Diaper Cakes

These centerpieces are not only pleasing to the eye but also functional. Take a box of diapers and roll each one individually in the shape of cake tiers. Secure the garments together with ribbon to create little centerpieces that look like dessert! The mommy-to-be can take the table décor home for extra diapers, which is always necessary for any new mom.

Outfit Design

We can’t stop with décor; some of the best ideas to incorporate ribbon is through your fashion and style! Little embellishments to outfits make guests feel more included and special. Our wearable ribbon ideas are easy to make and reuse.

Satin Sashes

A nifty idea is to create sashes for the mommy-to-be and grandma-to-be. Guests will know exactly who everyone is and what role they will play in the baby’s life. Choose a wider satin ribbon and iron-on foil letters to create the sash.

Guess-the-Gender Pin

If you can wait to reveal the gender of the baby, this idea makes a competition out of the occasion. When guests arrive, they can choose a custom printed ribbon pin corresponding with what gender they think the baby will be. Near the end of the party, you can reveal the gender and see who got it right and who got it wrong.

Gift Favors

This part of the guide to using custom ribbon at your baby shower is all about making your guests feel special. Many baby shower-throwers like to provide their guests with a thank-you gift for coming. This is a fun way to include guests and show your appreciation for their ongoing support. Because the budget might be an issue, gift favors don’t have to be over the top.

Bath Accessories

Bath accessories are a safe party favor that all guests will enjoy. Wrap up a body mist and some shower gel in a bag and tie it off with ribbon.

Food and Treats

If you choose a theme like honeybees, the party favor that complements this would be honey! Attach an adorable little message to the honey jar with some ribbon, and voila!—you now have a thoughtful and tasty gift favor.

Baby Games

You can’t have a baby shower without some baby games! This is by far the most exciting part for everyone in attendance. It will be hard not to choose all the ideas, but to keep your party on a schedule, only choose a few for the perfect amount.

How Big Is Mama’s Belly?

This game is a fun way to get everyone to interact with the mommy-to-be. Purchase a large spool of ribbon and pass it along from guest to guest. Each person will measure out a length of ribbon they believe to be the size of the new mom’s belly. Everyone will get a good laugh with all the wrong answers.

Pregnancy Brain

The object of this game is to guess various items you’d use once the baby is born. Fasten baby objects to a tray with tape and ribbon and pass it along. Guests are to write down their answers, naming every item they can on the tray. This is a fun way to learn about new materials moms use to care for their babies today.

With ribbon, the possibilities are endless for baby showers. Ribbon can take any mundane piece of décor and turn it into gold. Pick and choose from our fun ideas for the next baby shower you throw. The mommy-to-be and the guests will be thrilled over how much thought and time went into planning the perfect day.

The Full Guide To Using Custom Ribbon at Your Baby Shower

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