The Best Ways You Can Use Designer Ribbon

The Best Ways You Can Use Designer Ribbon

When it comes to designer ribbon and ribbon in general, there comes a time where you’ll find yourself in a creative rut. Available in many customizable options, designer ribbon adds an elegant touch to your crafts; however, inspirations can seem limited. The good news is this article compiles some of the best ways you can use designer ribbon in future projects, and yes, we're talking wardrobe, accessories, home décor, and more.


Add a Ribbon Halter To a Strapless Shirt or Dress

For those wanting to expose some shoulder without committing to a complete strapless look, an added halter might be the solution! It adds a pop of color to your outfit and takes away the worry of constantly adjusting your top. To secure the ribbon, you can pin the ribbon in place or sew it into your garment.

Tie a Ribbon Around the Collar of Your Button-Down

Button-down shirts are simple; however, a single piece of designer ribbon can transform your shirt with a bit of flair. Remember to keep the top couple of buttons undone for a stylish appearance.

Lace Ribbon Up Back of Sweater Like a Corset

While thick, boxy sweaters are a trend here to stay, it doesn’t hurt to introduce some shape into the garment. You’ll need to cut holes in your top before lacing. This technique works on shirts as well.

Replace Existing Lacing on a Dress

This project could take some time as you'll want to replace all the drawstring and lacing in the garment with ribbon. It's a fun way to add color and texture to any plain dress. Keep in mind that you'll want to use a ribbon that is consistent in width to the original lacing.

Cinch the Bottom of Your Trousers With Ribbon Cuffs

Wide leg bottoms are hip and stylish but consider switching up the look. Tying a piece of ribbon around the bottom of each pant leg and finish up with a bow for a delicate, fashionable look.


Wrap Simple Boots With Ribbon

You can experiment with different wrapping methods that provide a subtle change to your booties. You can add a big, floppy bow to the back of your shoes to give your shoe a luxurious feel. The ribbon also complements printed boots as long as they have a minimalistic shape without the straps or buckles.

Use a Ribbon as a Belt

While it won’t hold your bottoms in place, a ribbon in place of a belt is a cute fashion statement that serves as the focal point in your outfit.

Switch Out Your Jewelry for a Ribbon

Of course, any place where jewelry would go is free real estate for a ribbon to shine as well! For a necklace, you can choose to attach your ribbon to a pearl necklace for added length and secure it with a bow. If not, sporting the ribbon by itself is an option that involves attaching metallic clasps to each end. Pair your necklace with matching pearl and bow earrings for a modern matching set.

Dress Up Simple Hairstyles With a Bow Accessory

Add an elegant touch to a top bun or half ponytail with a ribbon. If working with a braided style, you can intertwine the ribbon within the braid.

Incorporate an Element To Your Handbag

Looping ribbon around the strap of your purse a few times can provide a better hold. Tie bows on both ends and cut off the excess, and your bag is complete!

Handmade Gifts

Create a Rolled Ribbon Rose Perfect for a Corsage

Ribbon roses are classic and make for beautiful homemade corsages. Remember to attach ribbon leaves for a complete display.

Wrap Ribbon Around a Mason Jar Filled With Treats

A simple yet thoughtful gift perfect for any occasion, wrapping ribbon around a mason jar of goodies is enough to brighten someone's day.

Craft DIY Ribbon Beetles for the Bug Enthusiast

Did you know that you can make Kanzashi-style beetles from ribbon? While this craft targets more experienced ribbon crafters, the result are stunning beetles that make for a fantastic hair accessory or a gift for someone with a passion for critters.

Gift a DIY Ribbon Textile Bracelet From Scratch Instead of Buying Jewelry

The bracelet requires memory wire, your choice of ribbon, and embellishments that come together to make a treasurable gift.

Give a Ribbon Bookmark To the Reader in the Family

Fit for a bookworm, an elastic bookmark decorated with ribbons and button embellishments looks excellent while holding their place in their favorite book.

Home Décor

Provide Trimming To Shelves and Kids' Furniture With Ribbon

Most furniture could use trim if you think about it, so why not have fun with it? A newly painted stool can benefit from a color-coordinated ribbon around the edge. Secure the material with decorative thumbtacks for a revamped, complete renovation. You can also line shelves or wire racks to spruce up your area.

Replace Picture Frame Mats With Designer Ribbon

Instead of having a plain frame mat bring your photos down, adding decorative ribbon to a mat allows you to frame your memories perfectly without having to invest in custom matting. The ribbon can also fill space within the frame if your photos don't fill the area.

Transform an Old Lampshade Into a Ribbon Chandelier

Repurpose a lampshade with ribbon, flowers, and artificial garland to turn it into a beautiful chandelier fit for a wedding or to keep in your home.

Sew Pieces of Ribbon Onto a Quilt or Blanket

If you're stuck in a creative rut and unsure how to complete a quilting project, consider introducing ribbon to your masterpiece by adorning the edges.

Create Ribbon and Pearl Flowers for a Table Centerpiece

Adding lovely flowers to a centerpiece dresses up the dining room table for a special event or everyday décor. Incorporate a couple of candles and a ribbon-wrapped vase and have an eye-catching adornment to display year-round.

There are many uses for designer ribbons; however, they range in difficulty. Fortunately, you can always start small and experiment with more challenging projects once you're comfortable. We're sure that no matter the project, it will look spectacular.

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The Best Ways You Can Use Designer Ribbon

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