The Best DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

The Best DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

Halloween is a unique holiday full of fun and festivities. As with many special occasions, it is an opportunity to decorate your home with all kinds of items. One such decoration often used during the holiday season is the wreath. Hung on exterior doors or above kitchen sinks, wreaths are symbolic reminders of the occasion that bring festive flavor to a home—and Halloween is no different. Whether you are going for spooky or stylish, here are the best Halloween DIY wreath ideas.

Festive Ideas

With Halloween being one of the bigger fall holidays, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the autumnal spirit in a DIY wreath. The following are some stylish ways to sport fall colors around your home.

Pumpkins and Flora

Pumpkins are hallmark symbols of fall and Halloween. Crafting a Halloween wreath out of pumpkins is an easy way to evoke the autumnal mood and show off a fall color theme. When it comes to pumpkins, you can opt for fabricated ones or make a few yourself out of ribbon! With some black and orange plaid or striped ribbon, like the ones at our Ribbon By Design shop, you can create a pumpkin by repeatedly bending the ribbon into circles until you have a small globe. Consider packing the pumpkins around vines and leaves to give it a fresh and lively look.

Fall Fruits and Vegetables

Another festive wreath option involves fall produce. With the seasons turning, new fruits and vegetables are becoming staples on our dinner tables. Between apples, pears, squash, pumpkins, yams, and even cranberries, there are plenty of options to choose from. Like the pumpkin wreath, you will need to decide whether you will furnish real or fake produce. When assembling the wreath, add decorative touches around the fruit with our red and green apples ribbon.

Fall Flowers

At their core, wreaths are plant-inspired decorations. Therefore, you can go all the way with a flowery wreath that shows off autumn’s best blooms. Look for flowers like orange roses, yellow chrysanthemums, bright sunflowers, and purple pansies. Think of your wreath like a bouquet—piece the flowers together based on their appearance as a whole. Tie the flowers onto the wreath with our orange and black floral ribbon or get trendy with our retro fall leaf pattern. Showing off the prettiest flowers of the fall will help bring the seasonal mood to your home.

Family Wreath

No matter your family’s size, the fall is a great time to celebrate and be together. With your Halloween wreath, consider featuring fun family photos or putting up pieces of your children’s past Halloween costumes. If you recently had a baby, consider using baby ribbon, like the ones we have available at Ribbon By Design to bring your wreath to life. Halloween is a fun occasion to dress your toddler up in silly and cute costumes. So, why not make a wreath that matches your child? If you have furry friends at home, add more fun with our “Trick or Treats” pet ribbon. There are so many ways to go with a family Halloween wreath, so pick the one that best represents your family’s personality.

Lettered Message

Wreaths are the perfect place to spell out your favorite Halloween word or phrase. What other time are you able to say “Boo!”? Consider making a DIY Halloween wreath with a festive Halloween message. Write out words like “Beware” and “Spooky” or go for a different angle with a pun such as “Happy Howl-o-ween!” You can even wrap your wreath in our Halloween word block ribbon with phrases like “Hocus Pocus” and “Trick or Treat.”

Bold Fall Colors and Patterns

If you want a more subdued wreath decoration for Halloween, go with plainer colors. Use a wreath frame and wrap it in our fall-patterned ribbons. Try a warm and welcoming wreath with our red maple leaves ribbon or “Happy Fall Y’all” ribbon. Whether you choose black, orange, or white ribbons, you can use color schemes during Halloween that are not in style the rest of the year.

Spooky Ideas

Now that we have discussed the various festive Halloween wreath options, it is time to investigate the spookier side. The following are some of the best spine-tingling wreaths to put out—especially on Halloween night.

Skeletons and Skulls

Bones are among the most emblematic Halloween items—so, naturally, they belong on a spooky Halloween wreath! Pull together some skeletons or skulls and crossbones to make this DIY decoration. Since mummies and skeletons are often associated, think about wrapping the bones in mummy or skeleton ribbon to complete the look.

Spider Web

Though spiders are a part of life every season of the year, during Halloween, their creepy-crawly nature shines through. To make a unique spider’s web wreath, start with your metal frame and wrap some spider web or plain spider ribbon in a crosshatch pattern. Then, glue or attach spiders on the white substance to make it look like creatures are crawling on it.

Bats in the Night

One of the subtler symbols of Halloween is the bat. Often used as a companion concept to vampires, bats flying into the night are perfect for your Halloween wreath. Like the spider web, find a way to cover the wreath frame—use gray fabric or paper as the base layer. Then, paste a few bat cut-outs onto the wreath in a flight formation. If you want to spice it up a bit, think about adding a full moon in the corner and some bat ribbon around the edges.

Ghosts and Ghouls

Halloween decorations with ghosts are spooky staples. On your wreath, you can consider stretching out white fabric or paper and adding our spooky eyes ribbon on top. Finish the ghoulish shape by rounding out the edges and adding a flowy, zigzag cut at the bottom. Complement the ghoulish flair with ribbon displaying ghosts or the phrase “Happy Haunting.”


If you enjoy the idea of pumpkins on your wreath but want to take the scary level up a notch, think about transforming it into a jack-o’-lantern. Use a black background and cut orange paper into your desired shape. To make the facial features, glue jack-o’-lantern ribbon into the eye and mouth shapes. Jack-o’-lanterns can range from silly to creepy, so decide which fits best with your other décor. Underneath, you can display our “Happy Halloween” satin or grosgrain ribbon in purple, orange, or neon green.

Witches and Brooms

With the last idea comes a Halloween character with a large mythos. Pointy hats, flying brooms, steamy cauldrons, black cats, warts, and hooked noses are associated with witches. This variety of images opens the door for ribbon options—we have black cat ribbon, witch hat and broom ribbon, and witches riding a broom silhouette ribbon. Whether you choose your inspiration from a fairytale or costume store, think about shaping a wreath around this mysterious creature with the right ribbon.

The best Halloween DIY wreath ideas are the ones that reflect your personality and style. If you are looking for the perfect Halloween ribbon to tie your wreath together, check out our selection here at Ribbon By Design. By following these ideas, you can easily end up with a spectacular wreath this Halloween!

The Best DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

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