School Craft Fair Display Tips and Ideas

School Craft Fair Display Tips and Ideas

Schools are always looking for fun ways to integrate student achievements with community life. Craft fairs are one such option where students, parents, friends, family, and community members gather to enjoy the creativity of others. Here are the best school craft fair display tips and ideas you must use.

Diversify Craft Type

Your goal should be to have a little something for everyone who walks through your doors. Whether you have flashy, bright items or muted, everyday ones, people should be able to find what they need and want. Diversify your craft type and encourage people to buy something for themselves. Many eventgoers may not wish to purchase an item to take home but would gladly snack on a pretzel or sip some lemonade. Make sure you have fun edible options at your event as well.

Bring Outside Vendors

When you host a craft fair, you want to have a few outside vendors in the mix (depending on the season and weather). If you have students presenting their crafts, you can encourage them by giving them real business examples to follow. However, be careful to avoid any overlap between the students and vendors; you don't want a student making candles outsold by a professional candlemaker. If you're going to keep the students on their own, think about vendors for food. This way, you can help the local economy, promote a local business, and bring more people to your event with amazing foods.

Plan Around Holidays

Craft fairs are great places for people to purchase gifts for their loved ones. Christmas trinkets, birthday gadgets, or Mother's Day prints are all great options to work with. You can even decorate based around the holiday with streamers and ribbon. Think about throwing in a bit of school ribbon, too, such as our ribbons at Ribbon By Design.

Use these school craft fair display tips and ideas throughout the event-planning process. With the right mix of creativity and preparedness, you can cultivate a fun time for everyone. If you need help decorating your school event, reach out to our team for some fresh ideas!

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