How To Make Packaging More Attractive

How To Make Packaging More Attractive

Psychologists and retail professionals agree that shoppers are more likely to choose a product based on the allure of its packaging rather than the quality of the product. A beautiful package appeals to the senses, creating a positive mental and physical connection with the shopper. Businesses can improve sales, boost recognition, and set themselves apart from the competition with these tips on how to make packaging more attractive.

Choose the Right Shape

Shape is critical in packaging. A clunky shape or a shape that is irrelevant to the product is enough to convince a customer to keep walking. Or, worse, it may cause a customer to believe that your brand is subpar.

Companies can make their packaging more attractive by evaluating the effectiveness of their current product’s shape. Is the packaging clunky? Is the packaging sleek? Does the packaging make sense with the product it’s housing?

Use the Right Colors

Nothing captures attention better than a great color scheme. It is also proven that certain colors appeal to the senses more than others. Businesses can use the psychology and assigned meaning behind these colors to create more attractive packaging. For example, the color green invokes a serene feeling connected to healing and money. Red invokes a feeling of hunger and exudes boldness. Purple inspires creativity and feelings of wealth.

Make a product’s packaging more attractive by using a color scheme that appeals to the senses. An attractive gift basket for a new mother may be packaged with ivory wrapping and unique grosgrain custom-printed ribbon. An appealing package for luxury soap could be a dusty blue, green, or purple. Modern design currently calls for muted and neutral colors.

The Importance of Texture

Packages are designed to be handled and opened. A well-designed, appealing package is just as delightful to hold and open as it is to look at. Luxurious and smooth matte, shimmering high-gloss, and crisp cotton or linen are well-loved textures that leave a positive impression.

Less Is More: The Brilliance of Simplicity

Simplicity is a major component of stately design schemes. To make a package more attractive, remove packaging aspects that could be considered crowded, busy, or unnecessary. Whether it is a simple shape, a simple color scheme, or a simple typeface, minimalism goes a long way.

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