How To Make Custom Hair Accessories for Summer

How To Make Custom Hair Accessories for Summer

Don’t spend the entire summer season throwing your hair up into a ponytail or bun—it may be tempting, but let loose a little and add some flair to your hairstyles with custom hair accessories. Learn how to make these hair pieces yourself; this way, you can use them all summer long, even well into the latter half of the year. Choose to add a subtle touch with small pins, or go big and add more extensive accessories to make a statement with your style.

Supplies You’ll Need

Not every item listed below will use the same supplies, but there are some general supplies that you’ll need for crafted hair accessories. Gather the following supplies:

  • Super glue or hot glue
  • Hair ties
  • Fabric
  • Bobby pins and clips
  • Ribbon
  • Lace
  • Thread
  • Faux florals
  • Gemstones

If there are additional items you would like to personalize these custom accessories with, buy them beforehand so you have all your supplies out and ready.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins can be a subtle hairpiece that accentuates hairstyles, whether you wear your hair up or down. These pins are easy to hide in your hair and functional for keeping whisps and random hairs down to your head.

Gemstone Bobby Pins

A nice touch to add to a bobby pin is the shine and glimmer of gemstones. Assemble a few distinct colors to give yourself options to choose from when you style your hair. The jewels you glue on can be as small or large as you please. Keep in mind that because the bobby pins are smaller, a larger stone might heavily weigh down the pin and create the risk of breakage.

Pearl Hair Pins

Pearls make for the perfect size and shape to add a touch of luxury to pins. You can find pearls as a staple item for weddings, which is precisely the place to wear this hair accessory. Pearls also work well when you add them to braids or curls.

Floral Bobby Pins

Add a floral element to your life with flower pins. Again, make these dainty, or you risk breaking the new accessory before you can wear it more than once. You can find miniature faux flowers at your local craft store, and they’re sturdy and stiff enough to work great for pinning your hair back.


Headbands are ideal for keeping the hair out of your face on sweltering days or away from your eyes while working out. You can dress this accessory up or down, depending on the occasion you want to wear it for. You can also use multiple materials to give the headband a different look and feel and capture the summer vibe.

T-Shirt Headbands

T-shirt headbands are lightweight and require minimal materials. Pick an old t-shirt you no longer wear and don’t mind ripping up. You can knot and twist the fabric in different ways to give various design elements to the hairpiece.

Flower Crown

The flower crown is a staple for summer because of its airy and beautiful aesthetic. Flower crowns are perfect for festivals, photo shoots, or a day at the beach. Take the faux flowers from before and either sew them or glue them to an elastic headband to create a long-lasting flower crown.

Lace Applique

Appliques made from ribbon and lace give your hairstyle an elegant, high-end persona. When making this accessory, use a summer wired ribbon so that the pattern holds no matter how many times you reuse the headband.

Hair Ties

Every girl needs at least a couple of scrunchies or hair ties to easily put her hair up, especially when the weather is warm. Look stylish as you run errands around town or relax at home, and make yourself a few different kinds of hair tie accessories to match a bunch of outfits.

Custom Scrunchies

Take your favorite fabric patterns and a regular hair tie, then sew the fabric around the tie to create a scrunchie. Making the scrunchie yourself ensures you will not find this unique hair accessory anywhere else.

Bow Elastic Hair Ties

If you’re looking for a quick fix and you’re in a rush, take the same fabric from before and simply tie a bow around the elastic. Now, the only thing you need to do is tie up your hair and position your bow wherever you want it.

Ribbon Streamer Hair Tie

Adding ribbon to the hair ties quickly adds vibrant pops of color to your hairstyle. Instead of bows or florals, leave longer pieces of the ribbon hanging off the hair tie to appear as streamers. When you tie the elastic around your ponytail, the ribbon will weave with the natural flow of your hair to enhance any hairstyle.

Other Accessories

Of course, there are many more unique custom hair accessories to make for the summer. There are some occasions or events where you want to wear your hair in a fresh style, and these options lend themselves to more adventurous looks.

Hair Chain

Chains are becoming a trendy hair accessory that adds an edgy effect to your hair. Most of the time, the chain connects to a clip inserted into your hair. These chains can wrap around or be smaller, dangling pieces that add a subtle touch.

Feather Head Wrap

If you want to add something to your braids or the ends of your hair, feathers are an excellent choice because they won’t add weight to the style. The feather will act as an extension of your hairstyle, and you can pair them with beads or other accessories to make them pop even more.

Bandana Hair Cover

Sometimes, you may need a super simple quick fix when you are on the go this summer. Take an old bandana, fold it in half like a triangle, put the long side along your hairline, and tie the two corners behind your head and underneath your hair. Wear this hair accessory when you go to the beach to avoid a scalp sunburn and protect your hair.

How do you plan on wearing your hair this summer? It’s easy to want to put your hair in a bun and go about your day, but adding a little flair to your hairstyles allows you to have more fun experimenting with new looks. Consider making some additional hair accessories for your friends so you can match this summer.

How To Make Custom Hair Accessories for Summer

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