How To Make a Ring Bearer Pillow

How To Make a Ring Bearer Pillow

Weddings are beautiful occasions where families join together and celebrate a new marriage. One way that families include their younger children is through the ring bearer role. While these children with shining rings make for cute photos, you must have a secure and aesthetically pleasing method for moving the rings down the aisle (other than the cute child.) Here is how to make a ring bearer pillow from start to finish.

Organize Your Materials

Before you start any craft project, lay all the materials you’re going to use out in front of you. Start by finding woven fabric in the color of your choice. If you want a traditional look, use a white or cream material. Lay out a special ribbon and string for the decoration. For the sewing, you will need thread and pins. Lastly, get a bag of poly-fil stuffing that’ll give your pillow all the puffiness you need.

Cut, Pin, and Sew

Once you have all your materials organized and ready, you can begin by cutting the woven fabric. You may need fabric scissors to cut quickly, but you should carve out two-foot-long squares of fabric. Then, lay two lengths of ribbon across the first fabric square, extending past the square on opposite sides—this will keep a clean look for the ribbon once tied on the outside.

Pin the ribbon to the side and place the other pillow square on top, followed by more pins along the edges, leaving a four-inch opening in the side. Sew along these pinned edges apart from the opening and turn the pillow right side out. The ribbon should flow out, and the smooth front-facing side of the fabric should fill out.

Stuff and Decorate

After sewing, you’ll have a pretty white or cream pillow with a ribbony fringe. Now, the creative part comes in. First, stuff the pillow with the poly-fil, so it reaches its full size. Then, you can decorate the pillow however you see fit. The classic method involves wrapping designer ribbon into a large bow. You can add more ribbon if you see fit but remember to tie together the pre-sewed pieces so they no longer dangle. You can now subtly sew in the string as a place to tie the rings.

Knowing how to make a ring bearer pillow will make your wedding fantastic and unique. When you add personal touches throughout the ceremony, the occasion truly comes alive. If you have any questions about finding suitable ribbons for your ring bearer pillow, reach out to us at Ribbon By Design today.

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