How To Incorporate Ribbon on Valentine’s Day

How To Incorporate Ribbon on Valentine’s Day

When you think your creativity can take a break from all the holiday crafting, here approaches Valentine’s Day to further inspire your imagination! This day of love and appreciation is one of the best holidays to spark creative talents and show your loved ones how much you care.

Whether it's gifting your friends and family a heartwarming DIY treasure or decorating your home for the occasion, you’ll want to know how to incorporate ribbon on Valentine’s Day. If you need some inspiration, here’s a thorough list of the best-themed crafts to try!

Loving Gifts

Showing your love and appreciation to your loved ones isn’t always about gifting the most expensive and lavish item on the shelf. You can create thoughtful gifts that convey the same message at a fraction of the price.

Clay Mug Candy Arrangement

Starting a standard clay mug, fill it with a bunch of their favorite chocolate goodies. You can make the arrangement as eye-catching as you’d like, as long as you wrap it in cellophane and top it with a beautiful bow to ensure everything stays together.

Photo Keychains

You can gift any of your family members an adorable photo keychain memorializing a favorite memory. Complete the accessory with a pom-pom, ribbon, and Valentine's Day-themed trinket, and this craft is ready to gift!

Coffee Mug Mixers

For the coffee connoisseur in your life, why not gift a simple arrangement of their favorite blends and a set of new mugs to enjoy their morning brew? You can add some sugary sweetness by creating flavorful mix-ins.

Pour melted chocolate onto plastic or silver spoons and top with nuts, chocolate chips, or peppermints. Wrap the spoons in cellophane and tie them with a slender ribbon choice.

Children’s Crafts

Kids can have a fantastic time helping you create lovely crafts during this Valentine’s Day. Check out these kid-friendly creations that are best when done together.

Paper Heart Wreath

Accomplishing this craft depends on how much you trust your tiny helpers with scissors and staplers. You’ll need to bend strips of white, red, and pink construction paper in that famous heart shape and attach both ends with a staple.

After creating your hearts, form a circle with your shapes and staple them together. Lastly, attach a ribbon band and hang it to showcase your craft.

Salt Dough Heart Ornaments

Salt dough projects provide sensory stimulation and hands-on entertainment, especially if your crafting buddies are bored. Form the dough into heart shapes and allow to dry before painting and decorating with glitter.

You can elevate this creation's gifting potential by making heart-shaped photo frames and inserting a cute photo in the center.

Crayon Shaving Hearts

You can use melted crayon shavings to create stunning suncatchers. Shave the colors of your choice and melt between two pieces of wax paper using an iron. Create a heart stencil and cut out the wax paper in the same heart shape.

Punch a hole out of the top and weave a ribbon through. Lastly, hang by a window to showcase those beautiful colors and designs.

Sweet Treats

You can package your sweet treats and baked goods with a lovely approach this year with a few of these beautiful hacks!

Meringue Jars

Who can turn down delicious baked goods? Sweets and treats are always terrific gifts to give loved ones on Valentine's Day. Place your heart-shaped meringues and chocolates in the jars and tie a bit of ribbon around the top to dazzle the visual.

Cookie Compotes

Compote dishes are shaped structures attached to a based stem. These beautiful dishes can hold nuts, fruit, and even sweets! Fill the plates with a bit of shredded paper and top with your homemade treats and truffles.

Consider wrapping in cellophane and adding a bit of wide ribbon and a classic bow for the finishing touch.

Candy and Truffle Boxes

Many people would say that Valentine’s Day is all about candy. If you're low on ideas for this loving day, consider pairing a small box of sweets with a thoughtful card. The package can be your color of choice, and you can incorporate a luxurious ribbon to add some excitement.

Favor Bags

Favor bags are another popular choice to store delicious goodies from your giftees. If you acquire plain burlap sacks, consider using a heart stamp to dress up the outside and tying them with a bit of grosgrain, satin, or jute twine.

Other Heartfelt Creations

You can create other sweet knick-knacks to have around your home or to use. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.


Whether for you to keep track of your place in your favorite read or for the bookworm in your life, a bookmark is a thoughtful Valentine's Day craft. This creation is practical, aesthetically appealing, and offers many customization opportunities.

If creating for yourself, you can decorate your bookmark with illustrations to add uniqueness. If gifting to someone else, you can include a heartfelt message or an inside joke for a more personalized approach.

Using the hole punch, create an opening and weave your favorite ribbon through for a delicate touch.

Origami Letter Box

Love and friendship letters are simple yet thoughtful ideas. Placing them in a clear box is a bonus that stores these sweet messages and boosts presentation. Remember to decorate your container with a fabulous sheer ribbon or lace to complete this Valentine’s craft!

Woven Ribbon Hearts

Woven ribbon hearts are small, cute crafts with much versatility. You can use as much ribbon as you want to incorporate color into these tiny creations and use them as part of décor to beautify hair clips and hair ties or spruce up cards.

When you know how to incorporate ribbon on Valentine’s Day, the number of gifts and décor that come to mind may appear endless. There's much to create, from sweet treats and gift baskets to romantic mantel setups using Valentine’s Day ribbon. Luckily, we at Ribbon at Design can assist you!

Whether you’re crafting products for friends and family or setting up baked goods for a celebration, your creations deserve attention! Please feel free to browse our catalog today and contact us for further inquiries and questions.

How To Incorporate Ribbon on Valentine’s Day

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