How To Ensure Repeat Business From Craft Fair Customers

How To Ensure Repeat Business From Craft Fair Customers

Do you like to set up shop at your local craft fair to sell your handmade products? How often have you seen the same customer return to your business?

No matter what items you make and sell, repeat customers are willing to spend their money at your business and help drive sales and profit. Moreso, retaining these individuals is essential because they’re likely to have a higher order value than first-time customers because they know what they like and want from your shop.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure how to guarantee repeat business from craft fair customers because we have all the advice and help you need! All crafters can benefit from these strategies to ensure a sale every time they set up shop.

Table/Booth Presentation

When you’re setting up your table at a craft fair, how do you decorate it? How you present yourself to other people at this event will make a difference in who approaches you. A plain table with minimal décor and brand presentation will likely be an afterthought for most craft fair customers because it’s nondescript, and they’re looking for an experience.

First, it’s a great idea to brand anything and everything you can. Labeling your products shows customers that you’re paying attention to detail and curating a legitimate product, not just a craft. Plus, a brand logo and label give your products a high-quality and luxurious look.

Pro-tip: If you sell more than one type of product, consider separating them at your table with tent cards; this makes it easier for customers to identify what is what if you’re busy talking with another person.

Curate an Experience

When we say to curate an experience for your customers, we mean providing them with interactive opportunities with you and your products. For example, if you’re a beekeeper and sell honey, have a sample of every flavor open, so individuals walking by can taste your creations. Most people like to smell, feel, and try products before purchasing them. Not to mention, it’s a great way to lure them in and fall in love with your products.

Consider the items you make and sell. How can you provide an interactive experience with them? Try to brainstorm a few ideas so the experience changes each time someone returns to your booth.

Use Your Best Customer Service Game

First impressions can make lasting impressions. Use your best customer service game when someone new walks up to your booth. Providing them with the highest quality experience at your shop the first time will encourage them to come back a second time. What customer could forget a business that took the time to explain their products, offer instructions, or provide samples?

Kindness and thoughtfulness are free, but their outcomes and results are valuable. Remember, even if you’re having an off day, putting on a smile and giving the best customer service will make a difference in whether the person returns to your shop or the one next to yours.

Give Them a Reason To Return

Think of your favorite store. Is it HomeGoods, Target, or Sephora? Now think of what gets you to return to those stores over and over again. Is it because there are sales? Or do you have a coupon or discount? You might even return just for the experience and ambiance—hello, retail shopping is a form of therapy!

Use your favorite store as your inspiration. Providing your customers a reason to return to your craft booth is a great way to pull them back into your business. Whether you’re introducing a new product or giving away freebies one day, find a reason to encourage individuals to shop with you again.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Setting up a booth at a craft fair is likely not something you’ll do every day. These fairs typically happen on the weekends or during a holiday/festival. Because of this, it can be difficult for customers to know where to find you or when your shop is open. Social media can help you communicate with customers and show your business off to the world.

You can use Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok for this. Showcase new products on these social media platforms, give a tour of your booth/shop live on video, or post giveaways/freebies. Making an account on these platforms is free, so it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of them because they can encourage repeat business from craft fair customers!

Pro-tip: If social media isn’t your jam, consider building an email list to continue communicating with customers.

Give Out Marketing Materials

Craft fairs are an excellent opportunity to sell your products and a great way to put your business in front of a crowd of people. Giving away marketing materials can ensure everyone knows who and what you are. Consider handing out flyers, business cards, or promotional goody bags.

You could even add promotional and marketing materials aside from the labels to your products. Create a custom bag that you place all the sold items in. Purchase gorgeous ribbon from a ribbon wholesale supplier and use it to help secure products in bags or boxes. Place your brand/business name on everything you can to ensure everyone knows who you are and what you sell.

Consider Opening an E-Commerce Store

If you believe your following is large enough or there is enough interest in your products, consider opening an e-commerce store. However, only do this if you know it will benefit your business instead of harming it because you don’t have the budget. An e-commerce store will make your products more accessible. It will also open your target audience to a whole new population because you’re no longer selling items in a single location.

The more accessible your products are, the more likely someone will return to your business. After you find your footing in this market, why not consider broadening your store?

You need customers to purchase your products to keep your business going strong. Make repeat customers your goal because they will buy more products, tell their friends, and continue to guarantee at least one extra sale. If you’re struggling with retaining customers, consider using the advice in this article at your next craft fair. Remember, you’ll never know how well these tips work unless you try them!

How To Ensure Repeat Business From Craft Fair Customers

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