How To Buy Ribbon Based On Your Needs

How To Buy Ribbon Based On Your Needs

Any craft lover will tell you that ribbons are as delightful as they are versatile. They add the right touch of sophistication to your crafts that spruce them into something exceptional. Ribbon never goes out of style, so worrying about the next time you come across some is usually never the case. However, given the multitude of options presented when browsing for materials for your next project, you can often feel swarmed with ribbon designs and colors that can engulf the decision-making process. Get ready to dive into your wildest crafting dreams as you explore how to buy ribbons based on your needs.

Types of Ribbon

So many ribbons to choose from, yet so little time! The first thing to note is learning the different materials to make the ribbon best suitable for your project. While there are plenty of materials on the market, the following reign supreme:

  • Grosgrain: Grosgrain ribbons consist of thick fibers that facilitate elasticity, making them optimal for edging and trimming. They come in various colors and at an affordable price.
  • Picot Edge: This is a simple yet delicate material that features small hoops that line the sides of the ribbon. It is a beautiful feature that allows picot edge strips to stand out from the rest.
  • Satin: It turns out that most satin ribbon is actually polyester! These ribbons are available in a wide array of colors and come in single-faced or double-faced options. Single-faced satin ribbon undergoes polishing on one side to provide a shiny surface, while its double-faced version undergoes polishing on both sides.
  • Jacquard: Named after Joseph Marie Jacquard, ribbons contain an identical unique pattern on both sides, however, with inverse colors. Jacquard ribbons work well as decorative accents.
  • Organdy: Sometimes referred to as organza, ribbons are sheer, soft, and flexible. The material used to create organdy ribbons is typically silk, cotton, or rayon.
  • Print: Printed ribbons are like Jacquard as they feature patterns of all kinds; however, they exist on only one side. If you're looking for custom printed ribbons, we at Ribbon By Design offer a selection of luxurious options to suit all your crafting needs.
  • Twill Tape: Twill tape exhibits a specific weave, usually zigzag or diagonal, to give the ribbon strength and durability. Twill tape is available in many colors and made from several materials.
  • Velvet: Ah yes, velvet—it is the ultimate choice that exudes luxury. With a rich texture and beautiful shine, velvet ribbons are best to display during the colder months.
  • Seam Binding: Seam binding ribbons are best for hemming necklaces, armholes, and finishing seams. It adds strength to garments and works to cover rough edges.

Gift Wrapping

Perhaps one of the most common uses for a great ribbon, gifts can benefit from decorating and wrapping! You get to be creative and mix-and-match complementary colors and patterns for an eye-catching presentation. Although, different types of ribbons have their exclusive look and feel that you'll want to save for corresponding occasions.

For example, maybe a paper ribbon is the best fit to accent food-related gifts, while lace and braided cords are optimal choices for expensive gifts. You can finish your gift wrapping with the perfect bow as there are many tutorials out there waiting to provide guidance. However, if you feel that your bow-tying skills could use some work, there’s no shame in using a pre-made bow to save you the headache.

Hairstyling and Accessorizing

Using ribbons in hairstyling is a practice as old as time; however, it’s still oh-so-trendy. The best part? You're never too old to style and wear a ribbon in your hair!

Several hairstyling options include tying a ribbon around the base of your ponytail and securing in a bow or woven into your braid. You can also tie the ribbon around a top knot or bun and create an off-center bow to provide a soft, delicate look.

You guessed it—the best option for this job would be a fabric ribbon that doesn’t pull or snag the hair. You can use lace, grosgrain, or any other stretchy ribbon to accent your hairstyle. You can also use a soft ribbon on your pets to create cute hairstyles for them.


When using ribbons in crafts, you'll want to follow the same guidelines as choosing ribbons for gift-wrapping, as every material has its time and place to shine. To clarify, say you're prepping a floral arrangement for a friend. Your best ribbon choice is a wide polyester or satin option that is lightweight yet can hold the arrangement together. If you can’t get your hands on satin ribbon, you can opt for a wired alternative as it is versatile and easily shapable.

Wired ribbon is suitable for creating wreaths due to its flexibility and ability to create and hold shapes easily.

Home Decorating

When using ribbon to embellish furnishings or decorate your home, grosgrain and twill tape are top tier as they're the easiest to handle. You can use strips of either material to dress up shelves or embellish lampshades with a fresh design. Grosgrain can also serve curtain trim well for a spruced appearance.

Depending on the furniture you’d like to revamp, you can utilize ribbon along the trim to brighten newly painted pieces.

Party Decorating

When it comes to parties, you can’t have party decorations without ribbons. They’re a fun addition to a balloon arrangement or a table setting when you want to add pops of color. The obvious ribbon choice for this project? Bring out the curling ribbon and scissors because you’re about to get festive.

When buying ribbons based on your needs, it's essential to keep in mind the project at hand, the type of ribbon best suited for the occasion, and most importantly, the amount of ribbon you'll utilize. For most projects, ribbon serves as an accent piece, so you can usually get away with using one. However, for those larger projects, Ribbon By Design is here to help! We have a unique selection of ribbons that work with crafts for all occasions! Don’t hesitate to browse our website. Happy crafting!

how to buy ribbon based on your needs

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