How Pantone Color Matching Works

How Pantone Color Matching Works

Taking an image from the computer to the real world is a challenge. The digital translation of colors involves complex adjustments between the human eye, digital imaging, and physical ink. One such system for this color rendering is the Pantone Matching System. Here is more about how Pantone color matching works and how it relates to the world of business and marketing.

What are Pantone Colors?

“Pantone colors” is a broad term people use to refer to the Pantone Matching System. This color system is a staple instrument in many industries, from graphic design to manufacturing. It is essentially a standardized communication tool for all designers, engineers, crafters, and consumers to understand what shade an item will appear as. Pantone Inc. started this system which now is a key element for printers, marketers, and artists in their daily lives.

How are They Systematized?

It is no secret that there are hundreds of colors when they are divided into their minutest shades. But the Pantone system allows users to browse each one of them according to a specific number. With the processing power of modern technology, each color receives a specific number according to a complex chart that totals over one thousand colors.

When are They Used?

Equipped with the same number linking to the same system, people on different sides of a project around the world can describe the exact same color without miscommunication. This ensures the highest level of continuity between the designing and manufacturing phases. For example, take our beautiful school ribbon which exhibits patterns of school items, school sports, and school spirit. First, our specialists design the prints on each of the ribbons. After the design is complete, the printer must translate the school-themed image such as a basketball or apple exactly onto the ribbon. With Pantone color matching, the product appears exactly as planned and consumers can rely on the integrity of the design coloring.

Are They Effective?

If you cannot tell by this point, we utilize the Pantone color system because we firmly believe in its efficiency and practicality. Pantone colors are effective not just because they systematize the finer hues of the color world, but also because they allow our designs to accurately reflect our customers’ intentions. We offer custom printed ribbon, and the Pantone system allows our clients’ ideas to become reality.

Knowing how Pantone color matching works allows people in industries across the world to effectively communicate about colors. If you have any questions about the Pantone color matching process or would like to know more about our printed ribbon options, reach out to us here at Ribbon by Design today!

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