Grosgrain Ribbon: What Is It and What Can It Be Used For?

Grosgrain Ribbon: What Is It and What Can It Be Used For?

Finding the right decorative element for your work can be hard. Here is a breakdown of what grosgrain ribbon is and how to use it for any project or client.

Finding the right ribbon for your business or marketing agency can be difficult, especially when you have many fabric, color, and style options. But grosgrain ribbon is one of the most versatile and classic solutions out there. Here is a breakdown of what grosgrain ribbon is and how to use it for any project or client.

What Is Grosgrain Ribbon?

Grosgrain ribbon is a special type of fabric blend that can be used in various creative applications. Its ribbed style and matte finish is a classic standard among ribbons . Also, grosgrain ribbon is a durable and sturdy fabric that can be sewn, ironed, and washed. This fashionable and classic ribbon choice enhances any craft or project to which it is applied. Since it comes in many colors, you can easily use it to add some style to whatever you are working on.

How Is It Produced?

Because of the unique ribbed texture of grosgrain ribbon, it must be produced differently than other ribbons. It starts out like many other ribbon types with basic weaving techniques. But with grosgrain ribbon, there is a particular method of weaving alternatingly thick and thin cords along the ribbon. This process gives grosgrain ribbon one of its signature aspects that truly sets it apart—a thickly woven edge. This weaving pattern coupled with the edge accounts for the ribbon’s durability and strength, which makes it a useful material for everything from hair bows to craft projects.

What Makes Grosgrain Different From Other Ribbons?

Grosgrain ribbon varies many other ribbon types in a few key ways. First is the fabric and weave—grosgrain is made from strong cords and woven in a particular way that most other ribbons are not, giving it its distinguishable matte surface. Also, grosgrain ribbon has a markedly different feel to it. The crosswise ridges create a supple yet ribbed texture that makes it perfect for a variety of applications. Grosgrain ribbon can withstand application to textiles and product displays in addition to simple crafting and festive wrapping. Grosgrain and satin ribbon can often be confused, but the key difference is in the texture and edge.

What Can It Be Used For?

Grosgrain ribbon has varied applications across several industries and purposes—the limit is truly your imagination. The most common use for grosgrain ribbon is as decoration. Between product displays, high-end packaging, and personal scrapbooks, this ribbon gives a classic flair to every project you are working on. Grosgrain fabric is also used to bind books and craft some lanyards and belts. The strength and durability of the fabric allow it to withstand pressure and heat to greater degrees than other fabrics. The integrity of the ribbon also lends it to be used in heavier-duty items such as luggage, hats, and clothing hems—all of which endure significant friction and strain.

Can I Customize It?

One of the unique services we offer here at Ribbon by Design is a grosgrain custom-printed ribbon. Custom printed  grosgrain ribbon is a very popular option for many of our clients looking to add an element of luxury to their packaging. It is a simple process to upload your Vector file of your logo for us to format for you.  We even offer one hour of free design service to help you get it right. Whether you are looking to print your logo, a special image, or a tailored message, custom-printed ribbon allows you to market in new and flexible ways. With our dye-sublimation technology and Pantone color matching, we are able to replicate your design onto your ribbon in minute detail. A customized ribbon is the perfect option if you are trying to attract a buyer’s eye to a product, personalize an article of clothing, or add a final touch to a craft.

How Does Customization Work?

Custom-printed ribbon is an investment, but the results speak for themselves. It all begins with the design. You can print most anything onto the ribbon and it will turn out exactly as intended. With Pantone color matching, our team at Ribbon by Design is able to perfectly match and print the colors in your personal design. The dye sublimation printing process uses a controlled amount of heat allowing the dye to change  from a liquid to a gas and fuse to the ribbon. This process reduces the risk of blurred lines resulting in a clean crisp print. Once the ribbon has had time to set, it is ready to use!

How Should I Purchase It?

Here at Ribbon by Design we offer grosgrain ribbons in our unique stock prints that are all designed in our studio by our highly talented graphic artists. Every stock grosgrain printed ribbon in our store is our own design and available only on our website. Purchasing our ribbon designs is akin to buying a unique work of art. We encourage you to browse our selection of grosgrain and satin ribbons!

We are happy to assist you in creating a custom printed grosgrain ribbon for your personal or business use. The best way to start the process is to upload your art file with your order. We will template the logo or artwork to our ribbon widths and send along a digital image for approval. Should you need assistance with the yardage you will need, we can talk you through the measurement process. Do not hesitate to call or email with any questions you may have. We are here to create the custom printed ribbon of your dreams! 

This guide to what grosgrain ribbon is and how to use it has covered everything you need to know when it comes to specialty ribbons. If you are looking to design a custom-printed ribbon, contact us here at Ribbon by Design for more information. Whether you are looking to get custom-printed fabric for your next product launch or for your new scrapbook, there is no limit to the uses of grosgrain ribbon.

Grosgrain Ribbon: What Is It and What Can It Be Used For?

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