Fun and Simple DIY Valentine’s Crafts

Fun and Simple DIY Valentine’s Crafts

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to express your love and appreciation for those closest to you. Sharing such deep emotions with others is a beautiful exchange, and there is so much to celebrate through time spent together. You can show your love for your partner, child, family, and friends through crafts. Whether you plan to do exciting projects with your children or pretty ones for décor, check out these fun and simple DIY Valentine’s crafts.

Hand-Crafted Cards

The sentiments of Valentine’s Day often live in the pages of meaningful cards exchanged between loved ones. Instead of opting for store-bought cards, consider crafting them by hand. Many students exchange candied valentines at school with small notes of encouragement inside. Think of ways to handwrite these messages and wrap the card or envelop with a special school ribbon.

Rose Wreath

Wreaths are a fun way to celebrate every holiday and season, and they are the perfect décor solution for Valentine’s Day. Begin with a wire wreath frame and tie roses into the shape of a heart. Once you secure all the stems, fluff out the petals. With the flowers all set, you can add items like assorted greenery or our Valentine ribbon at Ribbon By Design to complete the look. You should enjoy your wreath for more than one day, so try keeping it up for the whole month of February.

Heart-Shaped Food

This may not sound like a craft in the classical sense, but making heart-shaped food is a beautiful way to create something meaningful for the object of your affection. Consider making heart pancakes in the morning and top it off with a syrupy smile. As a snack throughout the day, cut up fruit like strawberries and pineapple into small hearts. If you host a dinner party or want to impress your partner, set out an appetizer platter with food arranged in the shape of a heart. Use decorative ribbon to add texture to the display.

Try these fun and simple DIY Valentine’s crafts and wow your children, partner, or friends. If you have any ribbon-related needs for the special day of love, reach out to our team at Ribbon By Design. With the right forethought, you can plan some truly spectacular Valentine’s-themed projects.

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