Fourth of July Party Décor Ideas Using Ribbon

Fourth of July Party Décor Ideas Using Ribbon

Fourth of July is a magical time—summer is at its peak, the weather is warm, and people are happily celebrating our country. Some of the best parties of the year happen on this holiday, and if you plan on hosting your event, you’ll need décor to match.

Making your own decorations is satisfying, and you can customize the items to your liking. Consider crafting any of these Fourth of July décor ideas using ribbon to add a classic, creative touch to your party’s look!

Whether you plan on hosting the party inside or outside, these decorations will work anywhere! Choosing a few from this list will make your party stand out among the others. Plus, you’re guaranteed a fun day surrounded by festive décor. Pull out your patriotic ribbon, and let’s get to work!

Festive Garland

Garland is always a must when it comes to party decorations, and the Fourth of July is no exception. This décor staple is super simple to achieve, and you can reuse it every year. You can choose to do a bunting style or go wild with many ribbons tied along a string; either way, it will still look fantastic wherever you hang it!

Try mixing and matching different ribbon styles to elevate the craft of the garland. Hang it from your balcony, along the yard, around the pool, on the back of chairs, etc. Be sure to measure the space you plan on hanging the garland on; that way, you have an adequate amount.

Red, White, and Blue Wreath

There cannot be a Fourth of July party without a little bit of red, white, and blue. Decorate the doors in your home with a festive wreath handmade specifically for your home. There are various ways to style a patriotic wreath, but you should go with whatever will fit the rest of your décor the best.

You will need a base for the wreath; this can be wood, foam, metal, etc. It doesn’t matter what you use for the base because ultimately, you’ll be covering it up with ribbon. You can wrap the ribbon around the base, add streamers, craft ribbon flowers, or anything in between. Let your imagination take you to the finish line! Fortunately, a wreath isn’t hard to do, and if you make a mistake, problem areas are effortless to cover up.

Door and Entrance Streamers

Nothing screams party more than streamers. Creating your own offers the benefit of customization, and they’re mindless and quick to make. You can tie lengths of ribbon to a hanging string or use a tension rod to prevent the streamers from falling from the door frame.

Choose whatever ribbon suits your interest. Measure your door first to know how long you need the ribbon. Cut the ribbon streamers at whatever length you need after placing them on the rod or string. Kids often love this decoration most because of how fun it is to walk through a door filled with streamers! Just beware of any pets or curious kids who want to pull a streamer or two down.

Mason Jar Bouquets With Bows

Mason jar décor is a long-standing trend, and it’s so popular because it’s a subtle element that you can customize for just about any type of event or craft. In this case, the mason jar you use can contain bouquets, or you can use them to hold straws, utensils, snacks—you name it!

Paint the jars in whatever fashion you like, cut up fake flowers or fill the jar with real ones, and finish the piece off with an elegant bow of ribbon tied around the center. Depending on how patriotic you go with the design, you can even use some of this décor year-round.

Neatly Tied Silverware

Create the perfect dining table set up with placemats and a patriotic centerpiece. If you want a more formal dining setup, consider placing your silverware together and tying them with ribbon like a restaurant might. This bit of ribbon décor is also convenient for when you need to set the table for dinner, as all the silverware will be in a neat little bundle.

DIY American Flag

You cannot have the Fourth of July without at least one American flag. If you want a more subtle way of incorporating the stars and stripes, you can take ribbons of the same colors and form them to resemble the flag instead. This ribbon flag isn’t the easiest craft to make, but it will provide the perfect aesthetic.

Gather ribbons in red, white, and blue and cut them to the appropriate lengths on how they would appear on the flag. You can tie, glue, or sew the ribbon together to make a complete flag. If you’re up for a challenge, you can make the décor piece bigger, or if you want a more simplistic way of doing a flag, you can make them smaller.

Patriotic Photo Backdrop

Taking pictures during the holiday get-together is the ideal way to maintain those memories forever. Showcase an elegant photo backdrop for guests to take countless photos in front of. You can go with a theme, like a nautical one, or stick to red, white, and blue once more.

Take the ribbon and make dainty bows or streamers to hang from the backdrop. Add other elements like signs for people to hold, glitter, or neon lights to add some extra fun!

Wine Glass Bows

Wine glass ribbon bows bring the festivities to the beverage selection. Never leave out the drinks; allow the adults a little fun with festive wine glasses. This décor is super minimalistic, and you can accomplish this cute addition in under a minute.

Find the right bow that suits your style, then simply tie it around the stem of the wine glass, and you’re all set to go!

Balloon String

If you plan on purchasing balloons for your party, they usually come with a string attached. Make the balloons even more dazzling by removing that string and adding your own patriotic ribbon in its place. It’s a subtle way of turning a cheap decoration into something more fun, sophisticated, and themed.

Tin Can Windcatcher

A popular décor piece for patriotic holidays is the windcatcher. If you have a leftover coffee or soda can, this works seamlessly for the decoration’s base. Paint the can blue, glue on red and white ribbon streamers, place it on a hook, and watch this patriotic upcycled piece dance in the wind!

We hope these Fourth of July party décor ideas using ribbon got those creative juices flowing. Mix and match the above pieces for an epic patriotic holiday bash. Don’t forget to pack away the decorations so you can reuse them the following year!

Fourth of July Party Décor Ideas Using Ribbon

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