Festive Holiday Packaging Ideas for Your Business

Festive Holiday Packaging Ideas for Your Business

It’s only a matter of time until everything around you turns into a holiday winter wonderland. Don’t let your business be a Scrooge to your customers—start thinking about how you can include festive holiday packaging for your products. Brighten your packaging this season with our ideas to cultivate a joyous and merry customer experience!

Why Should You Switch to Festive Holiday Packaging?

Why change your packaging now for the holiday season? It might seem pointless to switch your packaging products for a few months, but there are many benefits you won’t want to miss out on. Look at the advantages below before we get into the specific packaging ideas you can use!

Increase Social Media Presence

You can expect that most of your customers will celebrate a holiday in the coming weeks. Because the media is already boosting holiday-themed content, your business should fit right into the narrative. Show your customers that you’re partaking in the holiday spirit to create more engagement with your community.

Build a Relationship With Customers

What type of feelings do the holidays bring you? For most people, it’s a joyous time to connect with family and friends. Customers might enjoy your products and create a better relationship with you because of the experience you’re giving them with festive packaging.

Try Out New Packaging

If you’ve been contemplating using a new packaging variation for your company, the holiday season is a great time to test this out. Due to the season only being a few weeks long, you can determine if you want to permanently switch specific aspects of your packaging after seeing the results and customer feedback from the holidays. If something doesn’t work out, you at least didn’t invest a lot into the materials—but if you do find success, the test run served its purpose!

Distinguish Yourself From the Competition

Some businesses might miss the opportunity to join in on the holiday fun and keep their packaging the same for the season. Don’t allow this to happen to your business; changing the experience for your customers could distinguish your company from your competition. When an individual is browsing an aisle at the store or on your website, they are more likely to get drawn to your products because they share the same theme as the season we’re currently in.

Festive Holiday Packaging Ideas

Now that you have a reason to switch to holiday packaging, let’s talk about what this could look like. Take one or all of the ideas below to transform your packaging into the ultimate winter holiday theme.

Don’t Neglect the Inside Packaging

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is altering your outside packaging presentation without changing what you include on the inside. The inside of your package will typically have paper or other material to keep the item safe, a business card, care instructions (if applicable), coupons, thank you cards, etc. If you’re going all out with holiday-themed packing items, ensure you take the time to consider every aspect of your packaging.

Offer a Gift Wrap Option

Let’s be honest; not everyone likes to wrap their own holiday gifts. Offer to take this chore away from the customer by shipping a package that is ready to go under the Christmas tree. Many customers will appreciate this bonus—it’s one less item they must wrap themselves!

Include Seasonal Motifs

It’s not the holiday season without motifs like reindeer, snowmen, holiday lights, Santa Clause, and more. Consider what type of products you’re selling. For example, if you advertise your products toward a younger audience, you could include cartoon characters on the packaging to make it more “kid-friendly” and eye-catching. Use subtle and charming motifs if you want something more elegant and luxurious.

Include Festive Materials & Textures

Foil, glitter, ribbon, and bows are all materials and textures you can find on Christmas trees, packages, décor, and more! So, why wouldn’t you add them to your packaging for a more appealing design that customers gravitate towards? You can also use our bulk Christmas ribbon to create magical bows and add style to any package you ship to customers.

Personalize the Packaging

Adding a personalized message or packaging to your product can make you stand out among your competition. What would make you feel more special—a package with a personal greeting card or a box with plain wrapping and no customization? Create an experience for your loyal customers by taking the time to personally print their name on the package or include a greeting card with a special message on it!

Add a Call to Action

Interact and engage with your customers more by giving them a unique experience of adding a call to action within your packaging. This can be on a card outside your product that asks the customer to unbox their purchase on video. You can request that they tag your business in the video when they post it online—they will have a lot of fun opening the product, and you will get free advertising!

Don’t Forget Other Holidays!

Not all your customers celebrate the same holidays, and neither will you! Don’t forget to consider all holidays around this season. This includes Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, and more. When coming up with festive holiday packaging ideas for your business, ensure you include holidays other than Christmas to satisfy your customers and their various backgrounds.

Stay Within Your Brand’s Style

When it comes to the bottom line, ensure you’re staying within the parameters of your brand’s style when re-packaging your products for the holidays. The look and feel of your brand should not change just because it’s the time of the year everything turns into a festive wonderland. Reflect on your brand’s identity and enhance this with the spirit of the holiday season.

Make this holiday season feel more special for your customers by adding festive packaging to your products. Don’t be a grinch; get into the holiday spirit! What will you do with your holiday packaging this year?

Festive Holiday Packaging Ideas for Your Business

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