Essential Supplies for Packaging Baked Goods for Sale

Essential Supplies for Packaging Baked Goods for Sale

Baked goods are often the highlight of any café or fundraiser—who doesn’t love a donut or scone every once in a while? Regardless of where you’re selling these bakery items, the packaging is similar or the same. How you wrap and secure these items could make or break whether someone purchases them. Find the essential supplies for packaging baked goods below to ensure your food is safe and presentable.

Bakery Boxes & Containers

Have you ever walked up to a baked goods fundraiser table only to realize your favorite frosted brownies are in a Ziplock bag with the frosting smeared across the plastic? This is an example of what not to do. Baked goods are delicious, but if you make them look unappetizing, nobody will buy them. Bakery boxes and containers are your best bet when packaging bakery items because it keeps them secure and prevents any frosting, sprinkles, etc., from falling off or being ruined by bags.

Pro-tip: you can use bags for packaging, but ensure nothing on the baked goods will stick or rub off on the plastic—trust us, we want ALL the frosting on that brownie!

To-Go Bags

Not everyone will be satisfied with one bakery item—we know we wouldn’t! Individuals who can’t make up their minds and need the whole table of goods will need a to-go bag. We only have two hands, and carrying 10 cupcakes to your car could end in a catastrophe. While the boxes secure the actual cupcake, the to-go bag will make it easier to transport and provide convenience.


Customers shouldn’t have to guess what they’re buying when looking at your baked goods. Plus, many people have allergies, and failing to label food could lead to a reaction. Either label your display cases or, if you prepackage goods, label the packages right away.

Pro-tip: design an eye-catching label that encompasses your brand or fundraising organization. This will attract more customers and make your products look and feel more special.


Take your supplies for packaging baked goods to the next level with embellishments. Our favorite way to embellish a product is with a custom satin ribbon, of course! This adds value to your bakery foods because it literally ties everything together—metaphorically and physically speaking. Ribbon can ensure the box or bag remains closed, and it adds a little bit of pizzazz to your product.

Gloves or Wax Paper

Don’t forget about handling these goods! Keep your germs away from the food by having a box of gloves handy at the table or a stack of bakery wax paper. Use the gloves to grab donuts, scones, cupcakes, cookies, and other food items; if you don’t want to change your gloves constantly, use wax paper to handle the food.

Who knew this much thought went into the supplies you need for packaging baked goods? Try out the supplies above in your bakery or at your fundraising table this year and see how well customers respond. Nothing beats a properly packaged fresh cookie with an elegant label and a neat ribbon on top.

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