Easy and Fun DIY Fall Craft Ideas

Easy and Fun DIY Fall Craft Ideas

The world of warm hearths, colorful leaves, and brisk weather creates a certain proclivity for crafting. Between cozy nights indoors, birthday parties, and outdoor bonfires, there is always an excuse to include a seasonal activity. Try these easy and fun DIY fall craft ideas today!

Fall Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon wreaths are beautiful and relatively simple to make. With the right materials, you can easily weave ribbon and other items through a metal wreath frame to create a festive decoration. Consider throwing in small woodcuts and greenery to bring together the harvest and floral motifs. Before you start, you must decide which theme to go with—fall has so many to try! Check out our fall ribbon selection at Ribbon By Design for inspiration and ribbon options. We have pumpkin ribbon, school-themed ribbon, acorn and leaf ribbon, and so much more. No matter what emblem of fall you center your design around, our ribbon will be the perfect themed touch to hold it all together.

Woven Ribbon Pillow

Whether you are adding tassels to a knit pillow or weaving them throughout the design, ribbon is the perfect material for pillow-making. Depending on the ribbon type you use, you can craft a silky, satin ribbon throw pillow or a durable grosgrain ribbon outdoor pillow—we have both types at Ribbon By Design! The ribbon pillow is a great statement piece to tie together your living room and bring a festive fall atmosphere to your home. Consider sewing a rectangular piece to the top to create a pumpkin pillow and tie the extra ribbon around the stem to create the appearance of a vine. Check out our gingham ribbon, fall chevron ribbon, and fall striped and plaid ribbon for thematic inspiration.

Thanksgiving Table Setting

After celebrating Halloween’s spookiness, settle into the next major autumn holiday with Thanksgiving décor. Thanksgiving is all about the harvest, so do some festive fall crafts like ribbon napkin rings. You can go two ways with ribbon napkin rings—you can either wrap a ribbon around rings you have on hand or tie the ribbon around the napkin itself. Napkin rings are one of the first items your guests will interact with at the Thanksgiving table, so blow them away with your attention to detail by using our Thanksgiving ribbon. Make your napkins into fun shapes and place the rings around the final design.

Table settings often also include floral fixtures along the center of the table. Create a few ribbon pumpkins to throw into the mix with our pumpkin or fall patterned ribbon. Whether you choose grosgrain or satin ribbon, you can either shape your own pumpkins or wrap them around the grooves of a real or fake pumpkin. If you do not have a pumpkin but need a shape to work with, weave your ribbon through a mug or even a roll of toilet paper to recreate the plump and round pumpkin form. When you finish creating the pumpkin masterpieces, place them at intervals on your table between a few candles and a fall vine.

Fall Party Favors

One of the prettiest and most colorful fall items you see hanging around is flint corn. This multi-colored type of maize is in stores and at farms all throughout autumn. Because their navy blue, deep red, bright orange, pure white, and corn yellow coloring represent the core autumnal color palette, it is the perfect craft idea to use for decoration. Find clear triangle plastic bags in the shape of carrots or corn and fill them with fall chocolates or candy in the aforementioned array of colors. Then, use ribbon to tie off the bag at the top and flare it up into the stalk of dried out maize.

For another party favor idea, look to the turkey. Like the maize goody party favor above, you must first locate a mesh or clear bag to hold fall-colored candy. Fill the bags about halfway before carefully tying them off at the back with a ribbon. Use extra fabric like our “Gobble Gobble” ribbon to furnish your turkey with a fluff of feathers. Add some googly eyes and pipe cleaner beak and feet to complete the bird’s look. Whether you use these for a fall birthday party or Friendsgiving party favors, people will be sure to love their festive nature.

Fall Fabric Banner

Fabric banners have grown in popularity in recent years. Essentially, you craft them by cutting strips of ribbon into three to six-inch rectangles, then tie or loop them around a long string. Be sure to alternate colors and patterns to create a beautiful fall fabric banner that you can hang above your door or along a wall. This is a great DIY craft for families at home and teachers in the classroom. Since the task is relatively easy, you can have your children help you tie the banner together. Then, they can feel proud as they watch it hang in the home or classroom all fall.

Ribbon Acorns

Acorns are one of the many foliage-related items that fall from trees in autumn. Look for real acorns or larger fake acorns to work with—even a dark, ovular object will work. Remove any of the top pieces and wrap festive acorn ribbon around the uppermost part. This will resemble the acorn’s natural caps! Then, add small pearls or other beads to the bottom to give them a classier look. Place them on your table, mantle, or dresser where you can look at them often and feel the cozy fall festivity.

Thanksgiving Tree

If you or your family celebrate Thanksgiving to the max, consider making a Thanksgiving tree. Start with a green tree, real or fake, and wrap soft white lights as the base decoration layer. Then, cover the tree in as much orange, brown, yellow, and red décor as you can find. Look for items such as hay, scarecrows, pumpkins, fall leaves, and more. Instead of tinsel or popcorn strings, wrap the tree with festive Thanksgiving ribbon, like our “Happy Thanksgiving,” “Happy Turkey Day,” or “Grateful” ribbons. With the Thanksgiving tree complete, place it in a prominent corner of your home where you can gaze upon it often.

Try out a few of these easy and fun DIY fall craft ideas! Find your favorites and use them to decorate your living space with the flavor of fall. If you have any questions about our ribbon selection at Ribbon By Design or if you want to create your own custom fall-themed printed ribbon, reach out to our team for more information today!

Easy and Fun DIY Fall Craft Ideas

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