DIY Wreath Ideas To Welcome Summer

DIY Wreath Ideas To Welcome Summer

The summer is all about sunshine and fun. So, welcome the new season with new home decorations. Here are a few DIY wreath ideas to welcome summer.

Seaside Wreath

Whether you live by the sea or visit for the summertime, you should put up a seaside wreath to welcome the warmer weather. The best part about the seaside wreath is the theme potential. With all the creatures, materials, and stories about the ocean, you have plenty to work with.

Begin with a wreath frame and tie blue ribbon of any shade throughout—this will serve as the backdrop for your seascape. Then, take a nautical ribbon and tie it into one corner of your wreath, where you can then build out from. You can add starfish, anchors, fishnets, clamshells, and more onto your wreath. If you want your shells to stick, try a hot glue gun to secure the décor.

Sun Hat Wreath

Summer is the domain of the sun, and what better way to celebrate the bright days than with a sun hat wreath? The sun hat is the quintessential summer headwear fashion statement. It is perfect for sunny days when you need a bit of shade and style. Sun hat wreaths bring all the form, function, and beauty of the sun hat into a floral design.

Start with a bare sun hat and tie a beautiful ribbon around the top where the brim ascends into the cap. From there, you can sew or tie flowers into the hat itself, especially if it is a burlap hat. Consider writing a few summer greetings along the wide brim, and you will have yourself a welcoming summer wreath.

Summertime Floral Wreath

If you want to stick with the classics, you should consider making a DIY summertime floral wreath where everything is about the flowers. Summer is known for its hydrangeas, petunias, daylilies, marigolds, sunflowers, and more. There are hundreds of flowers to choose from.

Commence building your summer welcome wreath by gluing sticks together in a circle. You can also find similar items pre-built for convenience. This wooden array will serve as the backdrop for your flowers. From there, weave or tie in your flowers stem-first, so the blooms face outward. Then, you can spruce up the stems with other summery plants like lavender and eucalyptus. The more vibrant colors you have, the brighter your summer home décor will feel.

Use these DIY wreath ideas to welcome summer this year. With a bit of luck, you can bring together your favorite colors, themes, and flowers into one beautiful project. If you need help finding ribbon supplies for your wreaths, reach out to us at Ribbon By Design to find the perfect fabric that will accentuate your designs.

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