DIY Patriotic Wreath Ideas To Celebrate Veterans Day

DIY Patriotic Wreath Ideas To Celebrate Veterans Day

November 11 is a day for honoring the people who sacrificed their lives and time to serve in our military. Celebrate Veterans Day by customizing a DIY patriotic wreath you can proudly hang from your front door to show your support for these servicemembers. Start creating ideas for this craft now so that you have time to complete the wreath before the holiday arrives.

Red, White, and Blue Flag Wreath

A great starter wreath consists of red, white, and blue ribbon, which you could reuse for various patriotic holidays other than Veterans Day. Arrange the colors of the material in a way that resembles the American flag. Don’t forget to add felt stars to the blue ribbon to complete the design—this wreath is simple and could match other décor pieces.

Military Branch Wreath

Do you have a loved one in your life that served in the military? Consider crafting a wreath that showcases the branch of the military they served in. This is also an excellent way to acknowledge a veteran and their specific branch. Ribbons By Design’s American flag military ribbon is perfect for this project because there are many styles to choose from.

Burlap and American Flag Wreath

This DIY patriotic wreath to celebrate Veterans Day works great for individuals that do not want to add a lot of color to the decoration. Using burlap as your primary material creates a more subtle design that could easily match other décor items. Use our ribbon to create accent bows or stick miniature American flags into the wreath to add pops of color throughout the burlap.

Heart-Shaped Wreath

A traditional wreath forms a circle but choosing a different shape could give this décor item more personality. The most challenging part of this design will be finding a base for the wreath in the form of a heart because it’s not a common wreath shape. However, hanging this DIY craft on your front door will set you apart from your neighbors because it won’t look like a typical wreath.

Honor the veterans in your life by proudly showcasing your DIY craft on your front door this upcoming holiday. Browse the ribbon selections on our website to gather inspiration for your project. Don’t forget to start the wreath early to give yourself enough time to finish it.

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