DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas That Will Stand Out

DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas That Will Stand Out

When it comes to Christmas decorations, wreaths are a massive hit due to their versatility and customizability. These jubilant adornments can add a festive flair to your front door or have a designated spot above the fireplace.

Holiday wreaths are a coveted addition to the holiday ensemble, and you’re in luck! Grab your glue and glitter because you’re about to explore a few DIY Christmas wreath ideas that will stand out in the season.

Pom Pom Wreath

Pom poms are vibrant and exciting. This wreath is quick and easy to craft; all you’ll need is a wreath form, colored pom-poms, and a hot glue tool. Remember, there is no specific patterning to this assortment!

The more random the placement of the material, the most unexpected and eye-catching your wreath will be.

Winter Wonderland Pom Pom Wreath

This winter village rendition is easy to achieve by gluing large all-white pom poms to create a frosty, soft base layer.

The addition of vintage sisal trees and miniature houses in the middle of your wreath will finish off this beautiful winter wonderland in an appealing way. Add a cream or light-colored satin bow and allow the tails to hang to incorporate a touch of elegance.

Felt Wreath

Step away from the traditional wreath look by using strips of felt! Tie the material around a wreath form to create this fluffy, exciting version of the famous holiday trimming. You can add mini red ornaments to represent berries.

Gift Bow Wreath

After wrapping Christmas presents, the chances of having leftover ribbons and bows are high. You can put your materials to use by creating a wreath purely dedicated to your embellishments. You’ll need a wreath form and a hot glue tool to attach your components.

After you complete your wreath, cut a longer piece of ribbon to facilitate more effortless hanging.

Star Cookie Cutter Wreath

Who knew that cookie cutters weren’t solely for baking! Start by placing your cookie cutters in a circle formulation on a flat surface.

With your hot glue gun, adhere each adjacent point to each other and allow to dry. Afterward, tie each connection with a bit of holiday ribbon and finish with a beautiful bow.

It helps to have cookie cutters of different sizes to add visual interest and minimizes the chance of having gaps in your wreath.

While going out to purchase a holiday wreath is always the easier option, something is fulfilling about knowing that your holiday trimmings are custom-made right in your own home. These DIY Christmas wreath ideas will help your seasonal additions stand out in the best way.

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