Cute DIY Nursery Crafts With Ribbon

Cute DIY Nursery Crafts With Ribbon

There are loads of fun nursery decoration ideas out there, but it can be hard to choose from what is available. Instead of spending countless nail-biting hours deciding between several décor options online, go ahead and make some yourself. Here are a few cute DIY nursery crafts with ribbons that you simply must try your hand at.

DIY Growth Chart

Your child will grow from being a cute, tiny nugget into a full-grown child in the span of just a few years. Over that time, it’s fun to have a growth chart that marks their height over time. You can make your own, starting with a plain piece of rectangular wood between four and five feet long. This will give your child plenty of room to grow! With the wood in hand, sand down the front-facing surface you will use. Now comes the fun part—start painting, wood-burning, or carving it until you have the art you desire. Then, go up and down the wood with a ruler and mark out each measurement. Bore a hole into the top of the board large enough for a nail to go through and hold the chart. You can even tie a piece of ribbon through to cover the hole, so it’ll look more decorative.

DIY Ribbon Mobile

Mobiles are essential to the aesthetic of your nursery. Try making one yourself! Then, your baby will have something beautiful and intellectually stimulating to stare at as they fall asleep in bed. The ribbon mobile is a great item to use in this space to spruce up the décor. Begin with three metal rings, each an inch or two smaller than the last. Tie a piece of twine between each ring to hold them together in descending order, with loose string at the top for ceiling attachment. Then, cut and tie baby ribbon all around each ring until you have a flowing, staggered ribbon mobile.

DIY Ribbony Lantern

Another fun craft to do is a DIY ribbony lantern. To complete this project, take a light-up paper lantern and find a ribbon that matches the color or style of your nursery. Then, tie the ribbon around the wire frame of the lantern for a decorative touch. Now, you’ll have a light source that fits your aesthetic and shows off your creativity.

Remember these cute DIY nursery crafts with ribbon as you set up your baby’s first room. If you have any questions about what ribbon to use, reach out to us at Ribbon By Design today. We can even make custom ribbons with your child’s name or theme!

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