Custom Ribbons Guaranteed To Make Your Product Pop

Custom Ribbons Guaranteed To Make Your Product Pop

Custom Ribbons Guaranteed to Make Your Product Pop

Custom ribbons add a visual flair to many products, from a florist’s bouquet to a gourmet baker’s box of cookies. Branded ribbons are colorful and eye-catching, functioning as beautiful business cards while also making a unique presentation of product. In an instant, the packaging becomes a piece of art, and a company’s name becomes proudly displayed. Here are a few examples we love.

Catching the Eye

copper kettle chocolate factory

Copper Kettle Chocolate Factory knocks this packaging out of the park. They decided on two widths, designs, and colors, making packages of any size visually beautiful and personal. The hint of metallic sheen in the ribbon ties the “copper” right back into the design.

Showing Your Appreciation

Custom ribbon of Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe

Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe made these Easter cookie baskets that are almost too cute for words. Topping the basket off is a simple and adorable ribbon that simply reads Amy’s heartfelt “Thank You!” to people supporting a growing business.

Having Some Pride

Helena Christian School's custom ribbon with the school logo on it

Helena Christian School decided to deliver their yearbooks a bit differently and added a custom ribbon bursting with school pride. Their ram’s head logo and school name convey the proud tradition of education in new and engaging packaging.

Capturing the Spirit

Cajun Home Sweets' packaging box with their custom ribbons

Cajun Home Sweets’ packaging catches the eye from across a room. They truly captured the spirit of New Orleans, combining a branded ribbon in white with a diamond-checkered purple ribbon. You almost don’t want to untie the big bow, but their sweets are too good not to eat.

Adding Something Extra

mother's day flower arrangement with custom ribbon

It seems like it would be a tough task to dress up a bouquet of flowers, but an artfully tied bow can be the artistic touch that ties it all together. Couple a big bright bow with a florist’s logo or a holiday-specific ribbon to make your floral arrangement truly elegant. The traditional branding of a card on a stick should be a thing of the past!

Telling Your Story

cookie bakery's custom ribbon - bees on yellow and white ribbons

Taking a theme and running with it in the best possible way, The Whimsical Cookie lives up to its name with this combo of custom ribbons. The white and honey gold ribbons dotted with bees don’t just tell you what company baked these treats; they tell you about the whimsical artist in the bakery, too.

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