A  Fun Woven Ribbon Easter Basket

A Fun Woven Ribbon Easter Basket

Some 0f you may have noticed that I love using ribbon to style our photos and have quite the collection of colors in our studio. Creating craft projects from ribbon is a natural step up as it comes in so many colors and prints and makes a great material for weaving. Last month, I made two heart baskets for Valentine's Day using a few different ribbons from Ribbon by Design. And now this month I collaborated with them to design my own ribbon for this ribbon Easter basket.

Everybunny can make this

When designing this ribbon Easter basket, I knew I wanted a spring striped ribbon for a touch of the traditional basket look. So I picked different shades of corals and pinks to coordinate with colors of wicker. I also picked a grosgrain texture for the added stiffness and designed the basket to have a double ribbon so that it looks as pretty on the inside as the outside.

I was delighted to see how sturdy this basket is when complete and that it will easily hold small Easter gifts, eggs, and chocolates. It's also a fun weaving project that anyone can make! Just follow the tutorial below and reach out if you have any questions.

Also — if you love ribbon as much as I do, I have a special code to share that gets you 20% off at Ribbon by Design through the end of March. Just use the code LiaGriffith20 to save!

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  • Striped Ribbon (Use the code LiaGriffith20 to get 20% off your ribbon!)
  • Tape

How to Make a Ribbon Easter Basket

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials.
  2. Cut 10 strips of ribbon 20" each.
  3. For the first 5 ribbons, place printed sides down, line up ends, and tape both sides to surface.
  4. Weave second 5 strips and center both vertically and horizontally. Tape ends of vertical ribbon.
  5. Tighten weave, use clips to hold in place and tape across all of the weave to keep shape during weaving.
  6. Cut 6 ribbons to 20" long.
  7. Glue ends of 2 ribbons, print side out, to create 3 double-thick ribbons.
  8. Rotate your ribbon so that the base 3 of the vertical ribbons are on top, and 2 under.
  9. Remove clips and fold the ribbons at the edge of the weave.
  10. Clip end of first double ribbon behind base of center vertical ribbon, and begin to weave.
  11. Rotate around corners, and continue to weave around basket.
  12. Once beginning and end of ribbons meet, fold and clip around base of basket for alignment. Overlap ends of first double ribbon, and glue ends together.
  13. Repeat with second double ribbon, but fold vertical ribbons with the weave to hold in place. Trim and glue vertical ends.
  14. Finish basket side with third double ribbon, using clips then trim and glue ends to each other.
  15. With long vertical ribbons, begin to weave into the inside of the basket around the edge.
  16. Turn basket inside out, remove tape from base and finish weaving ribbons into the base of the basket.
  17. Add glue under ribbon ends to hold final weave in place.
  18. Turn basket right side out again. Basket should have printed side both inside and outside.
  19. Cut 2 ribbons to 20” and hot glue together to create a double-sided handle.
  20. Weave the handle into the center ribbon on the side, then across the base of the basket.
  21. Repeat with the second end of the handle, trim for desired length, and overlap and glue ends of ribbon.
  22. Finish basket by adding hot glue inside fold of the basket top edge. Fill and enjoy!

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