8 Creative Satin Ribbon Crafts You Should Try

8 Creative Satin Ribbon Crafts You Should Try

Much like grosgrain, satin ribbon is trendy in arts and crafts. Its soft, smooth material provides a classy touch to all things, from hair bows and gift adornments to ballet shoes and more. Although satin ribbon is very versatile, sometimes inspiration can leave you. When you think you've hit a creative wall, here are eight satin ribbon crafts you should try.

Box Lids

A lid on a plain box is free creative real estate! Dress up your storage container with a lovely satin bow for a bit of flair.


Popular with kids, fridge magnets are inexpensive and easy to make. Create a bow with your ribbon and make a loop with enough space to place a magnet in the back. Glue the magnet to the loop, and voila—fun yet straightforward fridge décor.

Ribbon Earrings

Ribbon earrings are perfect for all occasions. You can utilize different satin colors to create an excellent accessory that can match any outfit.

Ribbon Flowers

While elaborate, ribbon flowers are fun to create. They are a fantastic way to decorate for any event, such as baby showers and birthdays.


Why not make use of your carefully made ribbon flowers by attaching them to an ordinary headband? You can add multiple flowers of varying sizes and colors for an elegant headpiece to wear for your next special occasion.

Curtain Trim

Add excitement to the ordinary curtain with a bit of satin trim on the bottom. Using double-sided ribbon, embellish the bottom edges for a sophisticated and improved look.


This fun DIY project includes an extra ribbon, a toothpick, and a clear sealer like polyurethane. Starting with your satin ribbon, wrap around the toothpick as tight as you can until you form a nicely wound coil.

Once you've reached the desired coaster size, use the sealer to coat the ribbon for a thick, glossy finish. You can continue using the same ribbon for a uniform color throughout or use multiple colors to start a pattern.

Ribbon Wreath

The increasing expense of premade wreaths is enough to tempt you into creating your own. Using leftover ribbon from your craft supply stash, you can create a simple, elegant wreath just in time for the holidays. You can add as many colors as your heart desires and add metallic embellishments for a jolly aesthetic.

Satin ribbons come in various widths, colors, and lengths that can help you take inspiration for a spin when trying these eight creative satin ribbon crafts. At Ribbon By Design, we have a wide array of beautiful choices for all occasions, including custom ribbons with logos and birthday ribbons. Please browse our webpage for more fun options for your everyday craft needs.

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