6 Ways To Organize Your Gift Wrapping Station

6 Ways To Organize Your Gift Wrapping Station

Are you sick of digging through your gift-wrapping supplies to find exactly what you need? Tossing everything into a small space will also damage your wrapping paper and accessories. Make your job of wrapping the perfect gift for someone special stress-free by using a few different ways to organize your gift-wrapping station. Make it simple for yourself by designating a home for your supplies!

Where Is Your Gift-Wrapping Station?

Before listing the various ways to organize your gift-wrapping supplies, you must first determine where in your home you will store these items. Do you have a craft room? Are you using an empty closet? Or will you need storage bins?

Knowing the amount of space you have available to house your supplies can help you determine the best organizing solutions. Don’t put your supplies in a temporary location; this can get messy. Instead, find which space works best for your gift-wrapping items and organize them right away. The ideas we list can work for a variety of storage options. Choose which ideas work well with your storage space.

Organization Ideas for a Craft Room

If you have a lot of gift-wrapping paper and other items, such as ribbons, boxes, and name tags, you will need a larger space to store everything, like a craft room. This section lists the best ideas to help you keep your craft room mess-free.

Wall Shelving and Peg Boards

No matter how small your craft room is, you can optimize this space by adding wall storage. Rolls of gift-wrapping paper can be tricky to store because they’re lengthy; plus, you don’t want to leave the paper in a place where it could potentially tear. Instead of shoving your rolls of gift wrap in a too-small bin, consider placing them on rods secured to the wall.

Rod shelving is similar to the hooks you may have in your front entryway to hold coats and keys. Slide the roll of gift-wrapping paper onto a rod connected to a backboard secured to a wall in your craft room. Now you’re wrapping paper is much more accessible.

You may also consider placing peg boards on the wall to house your wholesale grosgrain ribbon by the roll. Don’t clutter a drawer by tossing the ribbon in there. You can quickly and easily find exactly what you need when your rolls of ribbon are neatly hanging on a peg board.

Upcycle a Filing Cabinet

Along with your gift-wrapping supplies, do you also create cards from stamps and scrapbook paper? You will need a safe place to house these supplies to avoid bending, tearing, or ruining your craft paper. An old filing cabinet is perfect for this because its primary function is to organize documents! Separate your paper by color, pattern, and size, so you know where everything is.

We recommend purchasing an old filing cabinet because you can spray paint or upcycle the furniture to fit your needs. For example, you might clear out the first filing drawer to act as a shelf while keeping the bottom drawer for your paper.

Organization Ideas for a Closet

Do not fret if you do not have a specific room in your home to leave your crafting supplies. It’s understandable when you need to use the space for something different, but you can always use an empty closet! Here are our ways to organize your closet gift-wrapping station.

Behind the Door Storage

Have you ever seen a shoe organizer that fits snuggly on the back of a door? You can find these storage organizers in the storage section at your local store. However, this type of shoe storage is not solely for shoes; you can use it for many purposes.

Attach this organizer to the back of your closet door to maximize the space inside the closet. You can use each pocket to store many things, such as bows, name tags, ribbons, tape, scissors, and more. It’s never fun to open a storage closet only to find everything in piles on the floor. Use this affordable storage solution instead!

Use the Clothes Rod in the Closet

The rod where you place hangers and clothes inside a closet does not have to go unused. These rods are the perfect place to hang gift bags! You have the option to use the hangers you already own, or you could buy hooks from the store.

Take the handle on your gift bags and thread the hook or hanger through them. Now, instead of rummaging through a box of numerous gift bags, you can clearly see what you have available because they’re hanging right in front of your face. Consider organizing these bags by size, making it easier to quickly choose a bag when you’re in a rush.

Organization Ideas for Storage Bins

When all else fails, you can still place your gift-wrapping supplies in storage bins and use your kitchen table or the floor as your workstation. Use these ideas when your home is small, and you don’t have enough space to dedicate a whole area to crafting.

Find a Storage Bin for Wrapping Paper

The next time you’re at the store, take a look at the storage section. Most of the time, there are bins for storing wrapping paper. We recommend finding a container with two separate compartments: one for the rolls of wrapping paper and another smaller compartment for name tags or tissue paper that must stay with your paper.

Ensure you’re finding a long enough bin for your wrapping paper, or you might find it frustrating to try to make the lid fit. Furthermore, these storage containers are compact, so they can fit in a linen closet, under the bed, or in the attic.

Use an Extra-Large Storage Bin

An extra-large storage bin is a great alternative when you’re out of options. These plastic totes are around 70 gallons. We suggest an extra-large container because your wrapping paper is long, and a standard storage bin might be unable to accommodate it. However, because this bin is so big, you might have difficulty finding a home for it inside your house.

You can leave it in your garage or the attic if you keep the bin shut. If you only use your gift-wrapping paper a few times a year, you won’t need an entire closet or room to organize your supplies; a large bin will suffice. You might also consider adding tote bags to the container to separate supplies, so you don’t mix everything.

Who knew that organizing your gift-wrapping station could be done in several ways? Remember to find a space in your house first before deciding to upcycle or purchase any furniture or items to help you organize. It’s also wise to consider how many supplies you own because the more you have, the more space you will need. Which of these organization ideas will work perfectly for your gift-wrapping station?

6 Ways To Organize Your Gift Wrapping Station

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