6 Unique and Chic Valentine’s Day Gift Wrap Ideas

6 Unique and Chic Valentine’s Day Gift Wrap Ideas

Do you know what to give your significant other for Valentine’s Day this year or what to wrap it in? Get a head start on your planning by finding the perfect gift and wrapping it in advance. In this article, we go over the ultimate present ideas along with unique and chic Valentine’s Day gift wrap ideas! Choose one or a few from our list.

Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Before you consider what to wrap your Valentine’s gift in, you need a few ideas of what to get your partner! Browse through our ultimate list of gifts that show your love, and then choose a gift wrap idea to complete your present.

Five Senses Gift

Our absolute favorite personalized gift idea to give your partner is one that includes all five senses—taste, smell, hearing, sight, and touch. Find a gift that pertains to each category and relates to your significant other. For example, a candle for smell, their favorite candy for taste, a blanket for touch, and so on.

Classic Love Stories

Does your partner have a knack for romance books? Buy them a box set of classic love stories, like Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen or Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Publishing companies develop box sets with Valentine’s themes that are perfect for the reader in your life.

Couples Portrait Painting

There are slews of excellent artists online that will paint a portrait of you and your partner. Turn a photo you cherish into a memorable and unique gift. If your partner is artsy, consider taking the same picture and turning it into a paint-by-number kit. That way, they can decorate and color it in!

Wine Bottle With a Custom Label

Wine is a romantic beverage you can customize for this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Choose your partner’s favorite flavor and find a business that personalizes the label on the bottle. This could include pictures of you both, your anniversary date, and a cute message from you! You could even add a custom wine glass with this gift, too.

Spa Set for Her

Are you shopping for your girlfriend? A gift you can never go wrong with is spa supplies. Purchase a pre-made spa gift set or create your own by choosing bath bombs, shower steamers, face masks, lotions, bath salts, and more. Who doesn’t appreciate a relaxing night in the bathtub with a good book and a fizzing bath bomb?

Beard Set for Him

If you’re shopping for your boyfriend, consider gifting him a set of beard maintenance supplies. In a way, this creates a manly spa day gift set! This could have beard oil, a brush, trimming scissors, and beard balm. Give your partner the gift of a luxurious beard this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Gift Wrap Ideas

Now that you have an idea of what to give your partner, choose a unique and chic Valentine’s Day gift wrap! This can add more personality and customization to your gift, so ensure you find one that suits the present you chose above.

Customized Butcher Paper

A type of gift wrap that offers some of the most customization options is butcher paper. The paper is plain with a solid brown color that you can spruce up with stamps, markers, stickers, paint, glitter, etc. Turn any gift you choose into something more meaningful by personalizing it for your significant other. For example, adorn the paper with stickers in the shape of Cupid and write a custom message from you on the back of the gift.

Burlap/Fabric Pouch

Do you have a smaller present, such as a necklace or earrings? A burlap or fabric pouch would work wonderfully for smaller jewelry pieces because you can secure the bag with a tie at the top. You can purchase this gift wrap idea pre-decorated from the store or find a solid-colored one you can paint on. Consider adding a tag to one of the strings or writing your partner’s name on the pouch so that they know the gift is for them!

Mason Jar With Ribbon

Not every Valentine’s Day gift needs to be materialistic or an item your partner can wear. Show your significant other how much you appreciate them by writing out reasons why you love them on cut-out hearts. Place the hearts in the mason jar for safekeeping, and tie it off with Valentine’s Day ribbon for an extra touch of this lovely holiday! This gift is something unique that you can’t find anywhere else—we know your partner will adore you for it.

Gold Foil

If you want your gift to look more luxurious, we recommend using gold foil! Wrap the gift in classic Valentine’s colors, or choose your partner’s favorite color. Then, bust out any gold art supplies, including glitter, stickers, and markers. Don’t add too much gold, but use enough that makes the gift stand out. You could even do this with silver or rose gold if that’s what your significant other prefers.

Cut Out Gift Wrap

Take your regular gift wrap and put a twist on it with cut-out hearts that reveal hidden pops of color. We recommend using the same butcher paper as before or another kind of paper that is thicker and plain in color. Take an X-Acto knife and cut half a heart into the paper, fold over the side of the heart, and paste a small sheet of foil or glitter paper over the hole where you cut. When you wrap the paper around the gift, little heart shapes will stick out to reveal the glitter underneath.

Cookie Tins

Do you remember that cookie tin Grandma brought over for Christmas? Repurpose this by painting over the holiday design to make it more festive for Valentine’s Day. Our favorite decor for these tins is to cover them in black chalkboard paint so that you can write a personal message on the top once it dries. Take the same ribbon from before and create an elegant bow that you can attach to the top. Don’t forget to fill the tin with a physical gift or something your partner can munch on!

Have fun this Valentine’s season, and show your significant other your appreciation with a gift from your heart. Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a gift for it to be special. Put in the effort this year by filling your present with your love—and maybe a little bit of ribbon.

6 Unique and Chic Valentine’s Day Gift Wrap Ideas

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