5 Ways To Use Branded Ribbons in Your Business

5 Ways To Use Branded Ribbons in Your Business

There are many different ways you can market your business through products and materials. Consider printing branded ribbons with Ribbons By Design that feature your company name or logo. You can then use this material in various ways to set yourself apart from others in your industry—no one else will be branding their business like you are.

Event Stand Décor

If you visit multiple events a year where you set up a table for your business, you could benefit from decorating it with branded ribbon. Don’t leave your company with a plain table—spruce it up by laying the material on the surface to create a faux table runner or attaching streamers to the sides. Your booth will be eye-catching and encourage individuals to stop and check out what your business has to offer.

Product Packaging

Make your company stand out from others that sell similar products by using ribbon for product packaging. Ribbons By Design can print personalized ribbons for businesses that you can wrap around packages to market your brand. This is a fun technique because the customer will know exactly where the package is from when they receive it in the mail.

Party Favor Bags

Every company should celebrate the hard work their employees put in each day. Consider using this ribbon to customize party favors to hand out to staff. You could also keep leftover bags to hand out to clients or customers throughout the year.

In-Store/Event Freebies

Free items often come in the form of pens, sunglasses, chip clips, or other small items. Personalize these items by tying them up with some ribbon that features your brand logo. When someone walks away with a freebie in-store or at an event, they’ll remember exactly where they got it.

Label Chairs

Are you hosting an event that requires seating? Or maybe you’re combining your event with other companies. Tie branded ribbons around the chairs so that employees and guests know where to sit throughout the day. If guests will be present, this is also a way to use branded ribbons to enhance the décor and subtly brand and market your business.

Ribbons By Design sells high-quality ribbons that you can use to brand your business by adding your company name or logo. This material works great for adding subtle touches to products or creating décor that can help you stand out from the competition at an event. How will you use your ribbon to market your business?

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