5 Unusual DIY Wedding Favor Ideas Guests Will Love

5 Unusual DIY Wedding Favor Ideas Guests Will Love

The guests you invite to your wedding probably include family members, friends, coworkers, etc. As a gesture of gratitude for showing unconditional support on the biggest day of your life, giving wedding favors is a must. The best favors are homemade because they come from the heart. Keep reading to learn our unusual DIY wedding favor ideas that every one of your guests will love.

Let Love Grow

Are you planning a spring or summer wedding? Let the love grow for your new spouse and the guests in attendance by gifting them a sachet of seeds! Guests can plant these seeds in a flowerpot or in their garden to remember your special day for months or years to come. Consider making your own seed mix by purchasing small packets from the store and combining them.

Thanks for Poppin’ In

You can never go wrong with popcorn as a wedding favor because it’s a simple yet sweet gesture to thank guests for popping in for your big day. Consider having a popcorn bar with multiple flavors, like caramel corn and kettle corn, so guests can make their very own bag. You could even offer personalized grosgrain ribbon with your new last name printed on it to tie everything together—physically and metaphorically.

Cheers to the Bride and Groom

Cocktail hour is a typical event at weddings between the ceremony and reception. Make your cocktail hour more special by personalizing can coolers for your guests. These can coolers could be in various colors with different quotes, including the date of your wedding and your new last name! Guests can use this item for years, and it’s an affordable option!

So the Adventure Begins

Will your big day be a destination wedding? Your guests are likely sacrificing a lot to fly in for your wedding, so a memorable party favor is a must. As your adventure in marriage is beginning, consider giving a sentimental gift for the occasion, such as a luggage tag. This can be a simple DIY favor by purchasing blank luggage tags and using a cutting machine to create vinyl quotes to adhere to the front of the tags.

A Sweet Ending to a New Beginning

When you need to be more budget friendly, you can always give a handwritten note with a small sweet treat. A personalized message from you and your spouse is a DIY wedding favor all guests will appreciate and love. We recommend including these notes in your seating chart to guarantee all guests receive them before they leave for the night.

Your wedding day wouldn’t be the same if your loved ones weren’t there to celebrate with you. The least you can do to thank them for coming to your big day is with a wedding favor. Consider DIY party favors to personalize this gift even more! Which of our ideas will you use for your wedding?

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