5 Unique Ways To Use Ribbon in Your Wedding

5 Unique Ways To Use Ribbon in Your Wedding

In most cases, the subtle details of a wedding are what really make or break the overall aesthetic. Adding ribbon in unique ways to your wedding gives the day an enchanting feel straight out of a fairy tale. Using any of the following elements on your wedding day will make every aspect of your big day look gorgeous in photos.

Reception Chair Décor

Easily, one of the best ways to quickly turn a bland room into something magical is to tie ribbons around the back of your reception chairs. The style and preference are yours—you can do bows, streamers, a woven texture, etc. Take it a step further and accumulate some fake plants you can find at the local craft store and intertwine those in the ribbon for a more natural feel.

Bouquet Wraps

The bouquets already beautiful; however, you can take them to a new dimension with a ribbon that matches the colors of your wedding party. Additionally, Ribbons By Design offers wholesale personalized ribbons that you can customize with your and your partner’s name to wrap around the flowers.

Silverware Holders

One of the more subtle touches you can use with ribbon is to tie it around your silverware. This keeps all the utensils together and gives a more eye-appealing look to the dinnerware. Since this is a minor detail, you can go as crazy as you want with the texture and color of the ribbon.

Ribbon Wands

A unique alternative to streamers and throwing confetti at weddings is to create ribbon wands. None of the confetti will contaminate the earth, and there won’t be a fire hazard. Attaching ribbon streamers onto a wand and letting them blow in the breeze gives an elegant effect to a wedding send-off.

Archway Décor

The last unique way to use ribbon in your wedding is to attach snippets of the material to the archway you will get married under. Complete the archway with other decorative elements and add random pops of color with ribbon flowers, streamers, or bows.

One of the best things about ribbon is you can use it in any style or form. It’s a versatile decorative element that you must incorporate into your wedding day. Add one—or all—of these elements for a magical fairytale wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

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