5 Tips for Sending Corporate Gifts That Clients Remember

5 Tips for Sending Corporate Gifts That Clients Remember

After a long year of working with clients, businesses will often send them a gift to show how much they value their relationship. However, giving a gift of this magnitude must be unique and memorable if you want to start the new year off right with your client. Sending corporate gifts that clients remember can be difficult, but with our tips, you’re sure to impress them.

Reflect Company Values in the Gift

Does your company have a specific mission statement or set of values that you uphold daily and throughout your relationship with clients? Consider these values when you’re gathering gifts. For example, if one of your core values is sustainability, don’t send an item made from plastic, and do not use plastic to wrap or ship the gift—consider something more environmentally friendly, like a reusable drink tumbler.

Don’t Forget the Presentation

Think of the most memorable gift you’ve received over the years. Can you picture what it looked like? Gift presentation and appearance can have a lasting impression on the receiver. Take careful consideration when you’re packaging and wrapping these gifts. Add a personalized hand-written note, your logo, and other small embellishments to make the gift more memorable. Our favorite touch is a printed ribbon related to your client’s business.

Don’t Spend Too Much Money, but Do Choose Quality

Often, sending corporate gifts that clients remember has a lasting impact on your relationship and can encourage the client to continue using your services and even upgrading them. They may even be so impressed with the gift that they recommend your company to other businesses. If you’re sending gifts to multiple clients, don’t break the bank by finding the most expensive item. Instead, choose something high-quality, affordable, and functional.

Personalize the Gift

It’s safe to assume that not every relationship with different clients is the same. Each relationship is personal and unique in its own way, and their gift deserves the same attention. If one client produces sports memorabilia, it will make sense to give a sport-related gift, but your other client that offers car maintenance would much rather appreciate a gift for a mechanic.

Consider a Useful Gift

When giving a gift, it would be wise to make it useful so your client frequently uses it. If they use your gift daily, you will remain at the forefront of their mind, and they are likely to continue with your services. Giving a gift, such as something consumable, will be gone within a week, and the client might not think of your business anymore.

Keep in mind the importance of these client relationships. Ensure you’re reflecting your mutual respect for them in a gift that shows your appreciation. Use the tips in this article to tailor the perfect gift for your clients. Do you have an idea of what you’re going to send this year?

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